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  1. Planning

  2. Proposal Most teenagers fall under different stereotypes, each magazine tries to answer each teenagers questions and dreams and aspirations. Most magazines put different bands on the front cover in order to draw the audiences in so that if they know who the band is, they will want to know the gossip about them. Magazines do this as they know that a popular band will hook in their fans to buy the magazines. The magazine calls this callout. The magazine slogan has to stand out as this slogan is what is used to advertise the magazines as teenager will use this slogan as word of mouth so that other teenagers get interested in it. Magazines advertise different products that either relates to the music industry itself like a new iPod or iTunes and this advertisement is something a teenager needs and wants. Magazines use role models like band members in the pop/rock genre to draw teenagers in as they are represented with a person that is meant to be their role model and follow. The media represents worldwide bands, songwriters, and composers who make music. They also represent music industries to show that all they want is to earn money and be famous. One way media presents the music industry is though music magazines as it shows interviews and album cover of teenager idols and teenagers are always looking for this type of news about their favourite idols. I am going to look at the way codes and conventions are represented in music magazines like Top of the Pop. Looking at Top of the Pops, the target audiences would suggest that teenager girls are the ones that buy this magazine so the magazine is pink and the signs to pink are girly. Audiences: 11 to 18 year old Genera: pop magazine

  3. Front cover Top of the pop is a magazine that cater for pop music genre. This magazine is full of conventions as it is full of adverting . The target audience are indicated by the artists portrayed on the front cover. i.e pop. This magazine has the same layout that is done monthly. It also represent a logo to indicate to the audiences that this is Top of the pops. Magazine use popular artist to go on the front cover as this is what make the buyer buy the product. The target audiences is aimed at child. Must kids collect poster to put on there walls are home of the people they admire. Top of the pops magazine has taken this into account and use adverting on the front cover of artist posing to draw the audience in. This magazine look busy which represent that there is exciting and gossip ready for the reader to read. The camera angel used to take the front cover is used to draw the reader in as the expression on the artist face suggest that there is something exciting inside. Large writing: The writing on the front cover is short and sweet. Like “ oh behave Britney” this will draw reader in as the convention of the language is used to create a myersie behind the texts.

  4. Using bring colour for a background to the front to make the content stand out Most magazines make a logo with the name the magazine Magazines use freebie to draw the public in as the audience will feel like they are getting more for what the pay for To draw the audiences in they have put photo that are inside the magazine

  5. Front Cover

  6. Consents Page • The magazine I looked at to get research on the type of completion my magazine would have did not have a indication of a consents page so when looking at draft layouts i looked at smash hits for example so how they appeal to there audiences. A consents page consist of what the magazine articles are about and which artist has been this months issue. Topics that would included in a consents page would be photos of what inside story headlines. Page referring is important on this page as this makes it easier for the audiences to flick though to the page that they want to read . Consent pages that i have looked at portray bright colours and small print this appeals for the female audiences.

  7. Consents page

  8. Double spread page This is a double spread page taking from top of the pops magazine. When looking at this double spread page i saw that the language used was friendly and chatty as if it was a normal conversation between two people. The use of large image draws the reader to want to know the statues of the artist. A quote from the artist has been repeated and enlarger in the middle of the page to draw the reader to what the quote says. The language used in the quotes will show codes that portray what the reader wants to read. This double spread page is an interview with the artist. In my planning for my magazine i am going to be doing an interview. The layout of the interview is indicated by using two different colours to show what's the question and what's the answer.

  9. Double spread page

  10. Artist research I am going to be looking at artist like JLS, Girl Aloud, The Saturday . I choose to look at bands as from research found that there is a wider range of audiences linked to group bands. My target audience for the age 11 to 18 are at that age where there will follow what the bands are getting up and have a favourite band member. They are there favourites by reading up on interviews in magazine. I chose to do the interview with my made up band in my double spread page as this is engage the audiences to want to know more about the artist grow to like them as for a music band they relies on how the media portray them. When doing my research i looked at 20 photos of each artist that consist of posing are at gigs performing that talent. I noticed that all the photos that each artist took in a pose was photo shopped to make it pleasing for the audiences to look at and admirer. For example this photo of the Saturdays has been Photoshop's to make the girls skinnier and more glamorous so that its appealing to the eyes.

  11. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? The type of music media I am doing is a pop music magazine. I would want the product to be distributed in supermarkets, newsagents small and big ones. I would also use the internet to distribute my magazine as the internet is a good way to represent my magazine as teenagers will see it and word of mouth will spread. I would want my magazine to be promoted in gigs and clubs as this will be good advertising for my product.

  12. I did a draft layout of what a front cover page would look like

  13. draft layout for the double spread page

  14. Photos • I took photos from different angels and used props like different clothing and a teddy bear to make my photos more appealing. I aims to take photos will no background was that the photos look like photo shots. I also used props like a fan to get the effect of the hair movement.

  15. Experimenting with different front A Sit down with LA I wanted to see if I should get a front that would stand out . The title of a page it what makes a person what to read o. A Sit down with LA

  16. Front Cover For my final front cover I decide to leave the backgrounds blank as most top of the pops magazine have a black background I also wanted to make the background like sot hat the audiences can focus on the tittles on the side . I also used bright colours to appeal to the audiences eyes. I also advertised a freebie so that I can draw the crowds that like to be given thing for free. I used bright colours so that I could make the audiences want to look at it.

  17. Consents page For my consent page I designed a advert on the left hand side that would engage with the audiences age group . I made sure that the consent page showed that the page number are shown clearly . I also did a editor welcoming part to the magazine so that the audiences feel s welcomed towards the magazine . I also included photos of what consist in the magazine and used chatty tittles to draw the audiences into wanting to read the articles in the magazine.

  18. Double Spread Page I decide to do an interview on my double spread page magazine . From research I found that the public like to know more about the artist that they listen to . I used the colour blue for a background so that I could portray a inverse crowd or boy and girls reading the magazine. I used photos with no background so that the audiences focuses on the writing . I used a quote in the middle of the page so that I could engage the audience to read the texts.