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REACH and TANF Program Introduction County Welfare Directors Association of California March 12, 2010. Overview of Presentation. REACH program overview Proposed REACH and TANF program overview Alameda County pilot How to implement REACH and TANF in your county. The REACH program.

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REACH and TANF ProgramIntroductionCounty Welfare Directors Association of CaliforniaMarch 12, 2010

Overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation

  • REACH program overview

  • Proposed REACH and TANF program overview

  • Alameda County pilot

  • How to implement REACH and TANF in your county


The reach program
The REACH program

  • REACH Criteria and Guidelines

  • Customer must have a residential account with PG&E in the

  • name of an adult living in the household

  • Customer must demonstrate an uncontrollable or unplanned

  • change in their ability to pay their PG&E bill

  • Customer must not live in subsidized housing

  • Customer must not have received REACH assistance within

  • the past 18 months

  • Customer income must not exceed the REACH income

  • guidelines, which is 200% percent at or below the

  • federal poverty guidelines

  • Maximum REACH pledge is $200

What is the REACH Program

The REACH program was created by PG&E in 1983 to assist low-income customers with their energy


REACH is a one-time energy-assistance program sponsored by PG&E and administered through the

Salvation Army from 170 offices in northern and central California.

How is the REACH program funded?

Charitable Contributions to the program are made by PG&E, its employees and customers.


Reach and tanf program
REACH and TANF Program

What is the REACH and TANF Program?

The purpose of the REACH and TANF program is to leverage Emergency Contingency Funds (ECF) available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on a 4:1 basis in order to provide energy payment assistance to low-income families who have experienced a non-recurrent emergency and

are delinquent on their utility bill. Under this program, eligible customers can receive a REACH credit up to $1,500.

How does the program work?

  • County - Funds are available for utility assistance under the category “non-recurrent short term benefits” through the TANF ECF. The County pays 80% of utility bills after the base expenditure required by the program has been met. The County also assist with marketing and outreach.

  • The Salvation Army – The Salvation Army administers the program and provides the 20% match

  • PG&E – Through REACH contributions, PG&E covers the base expenditures and will also assist with marketing and outreach for the program


Reach and tanf program guidelines
REACH and TANF Program guidelines

Who is eligible for assistance?

In order to be eligible for REACH and TANF assistance, each applicant must:

  • Have a Residential Account with PG&E in the name of applicant

  • Demonstrate an uncontrollable or unplanned change in your ability to pay your PG&E bill

  • Customers living in subsidized housing may participate in the program

  • Receive TANF assistance or be an adult with children under 18 in the family, or a non-custodial parent with children under 18 in the family

  • Have a 15-day or 48-hour notice of pending shut-off (Documentation Required)

  • Meet income requirements which are currently at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines (Documentation Required)

    • Maximum REACH pledge is $1,500 ($300 REACH and $1,200 ECF)


Alameda county pilot program
Alameda County Pilot Program

  • On January 4, 2010 Alameda County Developed a model contract with The Salvation Army

    • The base was $80,000 for this quarter

    • 80% of outreach efforts recovered through ECF

    • 20% of outreach efforts recovered through PG&E charitable funds

  • 286 Alameda County Customers have received $126,918.32 in REACH and TANF Assistance. The average grant amount is $443.00


Alameda county pilot
Alameda County Pilot

  • Marketing and Outreach

    • All CARE Customers with a 48-hour shut-off notice will receive an outbound call referring them to The Salvation Army a letter

    • Alameda County sent to all of their 20,000 TANF recipients

    • PG&E call center operators will promote the program to qualifying customers

    • The Salvation Army is promoting the program through their relationships with schools and Head Start program

    • PG&E hosted a breakfast meeting for our non-profit partners to promote the program


How to implement reach and tanf in your county
How to implement REACH and TANF in your county

When can Counties can start the REACH and TANF program?

The application for non-recurring short term benefits was submitted to the federal government on February 24, 2010 and the State is waiting for approval. Counties will be reimbursed once the funds can be claimed.


  • Contact PG&E if interested by March 26, 2010.

    - Call Leah Casey at PG&E – (415) 973-4381, [email protected] to meet with a PG&E representative and The Salvation Army

  • Review program guidelines and conditions with PG&E and the Salvation Army

    - Refer to conditions on slide 9; refer to program guidelines on slide 5

  • Model Contract has been developed to reduce administrative expenses and meet the reporting requirements of the Program.

  • Implement program

  • Track grants


How to implement reach and tanf in your county cont
How to implement REACH and TANF in your county cont.

REACH and TANF Program Conditions

  • Base Expenditures

    Because The Salvation Army provided REACH services to TANF qualifying customers in 2008, the 80% TANF-ECF funds will only be paid on the increased expenditure over the base period (FFY 2008). The Salvation Army will calculate the base amount and PG&E will provide REACH funding for The Salvation Army to cover the base

  • Provisional Payment to The Salvation Army

    In order to cover the lag in receiving the 80% reimbursement from the County for payments made to PG&E, The Salvation Army will require a provisional payment at the time the contract is signed. The provisional payment will begin each quarter

  • Case Management Fee to the Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army is requesting a $15 fee per application for all REACH and TANF program payments made exceeding the base expenditures. Payments will be made at the end of the quarter.


Cpuc regulatory request
CPUC Regulatory Request

  • In February, PG&E requested authority from the California Public Utilities Commission to expand this pilot to all 48 counties in PG&E’s service territory

  • Under this proposal, funds would be leveraged with ECF funds to provide assistance to low income families that qualified for the REACH and TANF Program.

  • The Commission is expected to issue a Resolution adopting this proposal by April 8th


Counties in pg e service area that can participate
Counties in PG&E Service Area that can participate

Delinquencies of CARE Customers by County ranked 1 - 48

Note: CARE Customers are at or below 200% of FPL