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Maker Day Dubai

Maker Day Dubai

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Maker Day Dubai

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  1. Maker Day Dubai

  2. What might you find at a Maker Day?

  3. Maker Day Dubai The essentials… Maker Day Dubai is a community celebration of innovation and creativity and we would like to invite YOU to join us, as a maker, entertainer, or visitor. Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 from10:00-4:00 at the Cedre Shopping Centre in Dubai Silicon Oasis 100 Maker stalls, 3 education zones, and entertainment Register through link or contact

  4. Maker Stalls Are you a Maker? A maker can be any person or group, who invents, designs, creates, and/or builds anything with the goal of learning, teaching, inspiring, or improving the state of their community or world. Tinker with robots? Launch marshmallow rockets? Design your own clothes or cards? Invent things? Decorate cakes? Make mini-figurines? Well, then you are a maker! Makers can create things that are useful, fun, or just quirky.

  5. Maker Stalls Robotics – 3 stalls hosted by primary and secondary students Recycled materials mosaic – WIS parent Game design – Secondary students QR Code Scavenger hunt – WISe Tech Gurus Pinewood Derby –Boy Scouts of America Xbox technology – Microsoft Trash to cash – Philippine Community Fund Product design and testing – The Change Initiative Marshmallow balloon rockets – Year 5 and 6 students

  6. Magnetic ooblek – Year 6 students Organic lava lamps – Year 4 and 6 students Recycled bottle BurjKhalifa – Year 6 students Lego lounge – Year 6 students Caution Magnetic – Choreography by Year 5 Peace tree – Year 6 Robotic leg project – Year 3 student and parents Fashion Design – ToobaGhafur / Airayan Fashion Hydroponic planters – Year 5 and 6 students Green screen movie making – Media staff Special effects in Movie Maker – Year 5 students Slime making – Mad Science

  7. WIS Maker Day 2012 Magnetic oobleck

  8. WIS Maker Day 2012 Recycled glass mosaic

  9. WIS Maker Day 2012 Philippine Community Fund – Trash to cash

  10. World Maker Faires

  11. Workshops Do you have a skill to teach? Maker Day Dubai Dubai will have 3 workshop zones… • Design and technology • Arts and crafts • LEGO and LEGO robotics Workshop slots are one hour long.

  12. Workshops

  13. Entertainment Make music or create fabulous dance routines? Show off on our stage! Performances should be original and music should be family friendly. Performances may be as short as 15 minutes, but can be longer as well.

  14. Volunteer Want to join in the fun but not as a maker? We need plenty of volunteers to make this day happen. • Help with a workshop • Set up or break down • Pass out maps • Count sticker votes…and more! Sign up for a 2 hour shift with your school’s Maker Day coordinator.

  15. Maker Day Dubai 2013 A handful additional supporters…and growing! • Microsoft * • F1 in Schools * • Philippine Community Fund * • The Change Initiative * • Boy Scouts of America * • Airyan Fashion* • Rochester Institute of Technology • Make Business Hub • Wamda • The Kairos Society CREATE Education KHDA

  16. Q & A Do I need to be there from 10:00-4:00? Yes, if you have a Maker stall. This is why it’s good to work with a team. Workshops are one hour each and performances may be as short as 15 minutes. Some of my supplies may cost a little. How should I pay for them? You may request small donations of up to 5 AED for supplies at the event. Otherwise, contact you parent council to see if they can sponsor you. My friends and I make great comic books, mini-figurines, dresses, paper clip foosball tables…can we sell them? Yes, you may. Anything you sell must be made by you and there is a small fee (120 AED) to sell at Maker Day Dubai. My project is great! Can I win a prize? Yes! Small prizes will be given for categories such as best use of recycled materials, most surprising, most useful, most fun, and most beautiful…

  17. Want to join in the fun? Next steps • Identify your team. 10:00-4:00 is a long day! Even if your maker project is something you created on your own, ask a few friends to help. • Decide whether you should run a maker stall, offer a workshop, volunteer to help out, or perform. • If you or your team are 15 or under, find an adult to help you out for the day. This may be a teacher or parent. • Complete the application found on the invitation to participate. • Organize your supplies and plan a fun activity for visitors.