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ldi 5 “ kick it up a notch! ” August 24, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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ldi 5 “ kick it up a notch! ” August 24, 2007

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ldi 5 “ kick it up a notch! ” August 24, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ldi 5 “ kick it up a notch! ” August 24, 2007. LDI 4 Evaluation Results. 51 Attendees 100% of Attendees Completed an Evaluation Biggest Takeaways: HML Customer Rounding Leader Evaluations. Evaluation Results cont. Behaviors attendees said they would START or INCREASE doing:

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ldi 5 “ kick it up a notch! ” August 24, 2007

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ldi 5

“ kick it up a notch! ”August 24, 2007

ldi 4 evaluation results
LDI 4 Evaluation Results
  • 51 Attendees
  • 100% of Attendees Completed an Evaluation
  • Biggest Takeaways:
    • HML
    • Customer Rounding
    • Leader Evaluations
evaluation results cont
Evaluation Results cont.
  • Behaviors attendees said they would START or INCREASE doing:
    • Talk to reports about their performance
    • Customer Rounding
    • Write thank you notes
  • Behaviors attendees said they would STOP or DECREASE doing:
    • Fail to address low performers
    • Leave linkage grid activities until last minute
    • Spend too much time on low performers
ldi 4 evaluation results cont

LDI 4 Evaluation Results cont.

Overall, today’s session was helpful and a worthwhile use of my time:




ldi team success criteria
LDI Team Success Criteria
  • 90% of evaluation responders found LDI to be educational and worthwhile

(Actual: 73%, No Response: 25%)

  • >90% response rate on LDI evaluation forms

(Actual: 100%)

  • 80% attendance at LDI from F&A Leadership

(Actual: 74%)

today s ldi
Today’s LDI:
  • High/Medium/Low (HML) Performers
    • Coaching for Organizational and Individual Performance
    • Skill Practice Session
    • Tough Questions
today s ldi cont
Today’s LDI Cont.
  • Measurement Team Update
  • Guest Speaker
    • Frankie Miller, Trident Tech

Dean of Hospitality, Tourism, & Culinary Arts

  • Quint Studer Video on HML Performers
last but not least
Last but not least….





2007 MUSC Excellence

Goals for Finance & Administration






  • Diversity
  • Dev. career counseling
  • program by 6/30/07
  • Dev. process for
  • distributing/posting
  • recruitment & placement
  • goals to all hiring mgrs
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Make recommendations to
  • enhance Division programs by
  • 1/15/07.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction
  • Survey “Communication from
  • Supervisor is timely & effective” from
  • 50% to 65% by 6/30/07.
  • Develop Division-
  • wide Customer Service
  • Survey by 1/15/07
  • Conduct customer
  • service training for 50% of division employees by 6/07, and 50% by 6/08
  • Develop Division-
  • wide survey for quality of service by 1/15/07
  • Establish productivity measures and Best Practice benchmarks in 80% of departments
  • by 6/30/07
  • Perform professional
  • development
  • assessments in
  • all units by 4/07;
  • use information for budgeting training for fiscal 2008

2008 MUSC Excellence

Goals for Finance & Administration

  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 69% to 75% or better to “general communications from my immediate supervisor is timely and relevant.”
  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 57% to 65% or better on “my immediate supervisor has spoken about our diversity goals and initiatives.”
  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 51% to 57% or better on “good performance is recognized in our department.”






  • Improvecustomer satisfaction: score 65% or
  • better on “responds in
  • timely and effective manner.”
  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 57% to 65% or better on “my immediate supervisor talks with us regularly about customer service goals.”
  • Improve customer satisfaction: score 65% or better on “deliver quality products and services.”
  • Target a 5% or better improvement in key productivity benchmarks across the Division.
  • Improve employee understanding of how key measures tie to Division goals. Increase survey results form 54% to 60% or better.
  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 48% to 60% or better on “believes that MUSC Excellence is making a positive difference.”
  • Improve employee satisfaction: increase score from 59% to 65% or better on “my department provides adequate ongoing training I need to perform my job.”
today s goals
Today’s Goals…

Identifying/Classifying H/M/L Performers

Utilizing H/M/L Scoresheet

Coaching for Effective Performance

The McNair Group


Worker Personalities

The McNair Group




definition of high middle and low performers
Definition Of High, Middle and Low Performers


  • Come to work on time
  • Good attitude
  • Problem solve
  • You relax when you know they are on the job
  • Good influence
  • Use for peer interview
  • Good employees
  • Need a little development
  • Make or break your workforce
  • Behave like high performers, but not as consistently



  • Negative influence
  • Take up lots of time
  • Often are “sacred cow” type employees
  • Refuse to adapt to change
  • Can appear as informal leader
movement of h m l performers
Movement of H-M-L Performers




Gap is





Gap is






So why do we

need this?

how does your staff match
How does your staff match?

Usual percent breakdown of HML staff:

High: 30%

Middle: 60%

Low: 10%

75% of LPs move to MPs after having HML conversation

25% of LPs leave the organization

do you ignore high performers
Do you ignore High Performers?

“According to a new study by Leadership IQ, 47% of high performers are actively looking for other jobs (they’re posting and submitting resumes, and even going on interviews).

While it’s terrible that almost half of high performers are thinking about quitting, what’s perhaps even worse is that low performers want to stay.  Only 18% of low performing employees are actively seeking other jobs, and 25% of middle performers are actively looking around” 


Low Performers!

“Let’s just take it a step at a time!”

impact of low performers
Impact of Low Performers

They Make Us:





They Make

Our Co-workers

& Customers:




…Go elsewhere

why we don t address low performance
Why We Don’t Address Low Performance

I don’t want to be the bad guy

I feel like they are trying

I don’t feel comfortable

I don’t like confrontation

Just Do It !

a no but s culture
A No “But’s” Culture

“ But they are good at their job”

“But I had to hire a warm body…there’s no one else”

“ But I need them right now!”


three components


Take Action

Three Components

Use 90-Day Plans!

three components1
IdentifyThree Components

Using the scorecard

three components2
CoachThree Components

Learning effective coaching


How do we want our

employees to feel when

being coached?


Giving Effective Feedback

YOU Your Employee

feedback steps d e s k
Feedback Steps… D E S K

Describe the ideal behavior you seek, and share your specific observations. End with a question of how they see things.

Explain the impact of their behavior.

Show/Tell exactly what needs to be done.

Know the consequences if changes do not occur.

The McNair Group

the principles of effective communication
The Principles of Effective Communication
  • Focus on the ideal that you want, not on the person that’s not doing it.
  • Maintain the self-esteem of others
  • Work to make things better
  • Lead by Example

The McNair Group

rule of thumb
Rule of Thumb

It shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 seconds to state the reason for your feedback (and then ask a question)

If it does, you are talking too much, or you

are trying to cover too many things.

The McNair Group

three components3


Three Components

Talk to HR

Use 90-day Plan

develop the skill to talk with low performers
Develop the Skill to Talk with LOW Performers

Get support - talk with someone

Use Human Resources

Role-play before actual discussion

Keep in mind the damage LPs do

Envision how it will be without them

practice practice practice
Practice, Practice, Practice

Role Playing

Divide into teams of three: Mgr & Employee and Observer

Rotate the roles

The McNair Group

measurement team report august 24 2007

Measurement Team ReportAugust 24, 2007

Team Members

John Eilerman

Heather Dismuke

Chloe Backman

Siobhan Buckley

Paul LoCicero

John Runyon (Leader)

Jim Rutan

Phil Mauney

John True

Patrick Wamsley (Sponsor)

mission statement
Mission Statement

The Measurement Team will analyze customer satisfaction data to identify strengths and areas of improvement, thus allowing the Division to align resources, and create action plans focused on improving performance.

what to survey
What to Survey?
  • Started with more than 115 distinct goods and services
  • Differentiated by impact and frequency of delivery
  • Narrowed to about 30 based on F&A service delivery organization
  • Expanded to 34 in order to sufficiently capture detailed information for complex service delivery units.
finance administration goods services survey list
Finance & Administration Goods & ServicesSurvey List


  • Public Safety
  • HRM Employee Relations
  • HRM Benefits
  • HRM Classification & Compensation
  • Risk Management
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Insurance Programs
  • Radiation Safety Office
  • OSHP Administrative Services
  • OSHP Operational Services
  • OSHP Emergency Response Services
  • Shuttle bus
  • Transportation Administration
  • Printing & Copy Services
  • Warehouse Services
  • Mail Services
  • Records Center
  • Parking

Engineering & Facilities

  • Housekeeping
  • Grounds
  • Engineering Services
  • Operations/Maintenance


  • Systems & Procedures
  • Budget & Analysis
  • Purchasing & Accounts Payable
  • Grants & Contracts Accounting
  • Controller’s Office
  • Property Control
  • Payroll
  • Cashier’s Office
  • Student Accounting
who to survey
Who to Survey?
  • For Services delivered to Departments:

84 Business Managers

  • For Services delivered to Individuals:

All MUSC employees and Students

how to survey
How To Survey
  • Web-based electronic Survey Tool -“”
  • Challenge – How to survey, get meaningful information but so not overburden customer base with redundant or lengthy Surveys.


      • Divide Service delivery areas into 5 random groups.
      • Divide Business Managers into 5 random mailing lists.
      • Send each Mailing List one Group of Services to be assessed
      • Rotate the lists and re-do about once every 6 weeks
customer satisfaction survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Started with Draft prepared by the Customer Service and Service Recovery Team.
  • 13 questions, 1 comments box and 1 recognition box.
  • Subsequently reduced to 4 questions with comments and recognition areas retained.
customer satisfaction survey today
Customer Satisfaction Survey Today
early returns
Early Returns
  • Went Live on August 20, 2007
  • 24 Responses by August 22
  • Actual Results for Parking System:
guest speaker
Guest Speaker:
  • Frankie Miller,Dean of Hospitality, Tourism, & Culinary Art Division, Trident Technical College
mark your calendars for ldi 6
Mark your calendars for LDI 6:

Friday, November 16, 2007