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Why Search Marketing is Different PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Search Marketing is Different

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Why Search Marketing is Different - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Search Marketing is Different. Brad Fallon CEO Free IQ cell/text 404-849-2199. Direct Response Advertising Not “Image Advertising” Well Established, Time Honored Rules Works Even Better on the Web Testing Analytics Speed Cost.

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Why Search Marketing is Different

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Why Search Marketing is Different

Brad FallonCEOFree IQbradf@bradfallon.comcell/text 404-849-2199

search marketing is just advertising
Direct Response Advertising

Not “Image Advertising”

Well Established, Time Honored Rules

Works Even Better on the Web





Search Marketing is Just Advertising
but ad placement is different
Off-line, you control placement and your message

e.g. the Insertion Order

On-line, the message is “self placing” via search engine algorithms

Placement is a technical aspect of the message and things connected to the message

Message and message placement are no longer independent

But Ad Placement is Different
where worlds collide1
Copywriting meets SEO

Conversion demands control of the copy

SEO demands control of the copy

Site design is important for both

Writing for both humans and machines

Traffic depends on machines liking it

Conversion depends on humans liking it

Where Worlds Collide
dealing with the collision
Trade-off: Traffic over Conversion

“Write for the engines”

Sub-optimal Conversion, but overwhelm with traffic

Trade-off: Conversion over Traffic

“Write for People”

Traffic suffers, lots of PPC, but Conversion is Great

Find an Integrated Solution

The problem is technology

The solution is more technology

Dealing with the Collision
seo copywriting
More than the sum of the parts

Copywriting is easy

SEO is even easier

Putting them together is NOT

Technology, Process and People

Technology bar is raised substantially

Integrated conversion and traffic management

Combined skill sets

SEO Copywriting
top 5 critical elements
Page Title

Meta Description

Page Linking

Site Linking Topology

Paying Attention (Tracking/Changing)

Top 5 Critical Elements
page title
The most visible part of the “ad”

Must persuade the searcher to click

In less than 50 characters

A critical element of message positioning

Has to have the keywords

Best to have the exact phrase

What else is possible?

Page Title
long tail
Where do you draw the line?

“Buoyancy” Bigger the base, the higher the whole site does

Think of animal standing on its own tail. Build out the long tail yourself.

Example: Promotional products, stupid long tail, colors/sizes. Only way to win, rank for 80,000 words. Harder than it used to be to rank from outside links.

The “footprint” problem

Long Tail
search meta description
Needs to support the title (match)

Second most important click-through control after Title and before URL

We really would like it to read sensibly

It is auto-generated [yikes!] often by grabbing first occurrence of search phrase.

Take a second bite at the apple

“First Occurrence” means first “in file” not “in view” -- a tedious technical task to control both

Search Meta Description
page linking
Humans understand and need links to consume your site

You want to extend their site visit using links

Short text, in context, is easiest to process

Link text, including internal links, is critical to ranking. Worthy of a 90-minute webinar. (option)

Search engines don't understand “context” so complete key phrases are best, but often won't fit the nav-bar

Page Linking
site linking topology
Not all of our pages are sales pages

And not all sales pages are created equal

Humans need links to all of our pages

Links distribute Google PageRank (PR)

We only need PR in sales pages, not support pages

We need two linking structures, one for Google and one for humans

Site Linking Topology
paying attention
What to track and what to do about it

Organic CTR

Top 10/50/100

Big improvements are possible

Paying Attention
important trends
Search is “Disruptive Technology”

It changes the way we must work

It changes our organizational structures and processes

Long Tail Niches ARE the Market

PPC vs CPM (trend bodes well for “customer”)

One Site or Big Sites vs. Thousands of Sites

Not “Adapt or Die” - but HUGE opportunities for early adopters. (“online dating” vs. “atlanta dentist”)

Important Trends
The Web Redefines Huge

Enormous wealth is available on-line

“Overnight” success is the norm and still possible

The Challenge

Adopting new technology

Integrating new business processes

The “one trick pony” is dead

The Reality

Guru vs. Process

Continuing education: StomperNet, Free IQ “seo” (Jeff Johnson)


Any questions?Chris Watson and will be at our table all day tomorrow.

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Brad FallonCEO, Free IQbradf@bradfallon.comcell/text 404-849-2199