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The number of pounds of potato salad, p, that will be needed for a company picnic is given by the function p= 0.25n + 4, in which n equals the number of people who will attend the picnic. Each employee in the company can attend the picnic, and each can bring 3 guests. A total of 12 employees and guests have already signed up to attend the picnic. If the company employees a total of 40 people, what is a reasonable range for this function?


A manufacturer builds cubical containers. The equation that models c, the cost of building a container, is c = 3.6s + 3.20, in which s represents the length of each side of the cubical container in feet.

Find the length of each side of a cubical container that costs $35.60 to manufacture.


If the y-intercept of the function y = 3.2x – 1.8 is increased by 4.4 to create a new function, what are the characteristics of the new graph?


Zippy’s, a package-delivery service, charges $12 plus $0.08 per mile to deliver a package within the city. How would the graph of the cost of delivering a package change if Zippy’s increased its mileage charge to $0.09 per mile?


In the school Adopt-a-Highway program, Trent picked up twice as many empty soda cans as Susan did but only one-third as many as Ginger collected. Together, the team picked up 135 cans. How many cans did Trent pick up?