vendor management n.
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Vendor management

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Vendor management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vendor management
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  1. Vendor management

  2. What is vendor management? • Everything that happens after the vendor starts delivering the equipments and other high value items purchased • It is a discipline of generating additional value from the vendors • Focuses on building and sustaining a healthy relationship with the vendor

  3. Impact areas in Post Offices • Computers and servers purchased that have a warranty and building AMC beyond warranty • Similarly Accessories for the computers and support systems like UPS and generators

  4. Hardware installation • Obtain the supply of equipments and secure them as per vendor instructions till vendor’s representative arrives for installation • Get the site prepared as per vendor’s directions • Oversee the installation and ensure that terms are met before signing acceptance • Procure all the documents (warranty, guide etc.,) and other accessories; Preserve them safely

  5. History sheet • Open the history sheet for the equipment immediately on supply • Note all the relevant information including vendor details • Note down file details, date of supply etc., in indelible ink on the equipment

  6. Warranty • Check the warranty clause for the equipments supplied • Note down the period of warranty and warranty expiration date on the equipment as well as in the history sheet • Note down the details of support person during warranty in the history sheet • Understand the method of raising the complaint log from the installation team and note down toll free number prominently in the office

  7. AMC • Stands for Annual Maintenance Contract; • Normally entered into either by divisional office or centrally by regional office for electrical/electronic equipments beyond warranty period • On completion of the warranty period, the equipments have to be covered through AMC • Remind the divisional office at least three months before the expiration of warranty for inclusion of equipments under AMC

  8. AMC cont’d • While all equipments are covered, UPS batteries are not under AMC • Batteries of UPS have a life of 3 years after which they need replacement; So follow up • Obtain the contract document of AMC and study the terms • Understand the logging process of complaints • Note down the punitive clauses for enforcing in case of non attention • Report instances of non maintenance at once to divisional office • Note down contact person details prominently in the office and also on history sheet • Note down all maintenance events in the history sheet and also replacement of components – though not charged

  9. Replacement planning • Electronic equipments have a life of 8 years • Every year, in the month of April, report to Divisional office items requiring replacement including batteries for the UPS • In case of condemnation, report to DO six months before the expected date for replacements

  10. Activity • Instructor shows a copy of the history sheet; Understand how this is maintained • Visit the computer labs in the centre and understand how the centre enforces the maintenance and liaises with the vendor

  11. Thank you