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Doculogix, LLC. PTS (Project Tracking System) PowerPoint Presentation
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Doculogix, LLC. PTS (Project Tracking System)

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Doculogix, LLC. PTS (Project Tracking System) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doculogix, LLC. PTS (Project Tracking System). Know your business …stay informed. What is PTS?. Designed by Litigation Support Vendors for Litigation Support Vendors, DocuLogix PTS helps you run your business efficiently , effectively , & profitably .

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Doculogix, LLC. PTS (Project Tracking System)

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Doculogix, LLC. PTS(Project Tracking System) Know your business …stay informed

    2. What is PTS? • Designed by Litigation Support Vendors for Litigation Support Vendors, DocuLogix PTS helps you run your business efficiently, effectively, & profitably. • One place for all the critical information you need to build a strong, profitable organization.

    3. Why did we develop PTS? • As law firm clients requested more complex services, the market changed. Tracking these complex projects became extremely challenging. • Used as a tool to motivate and bonus employees creating a strong profitable organization. • Used as a tool to encourage our customers to utilize additional service offerings. • Used as a tool to capture lost revenue. • Because lost / unbilled revenues which are captured are 100% profit.

    4. How was PTS created? • PTS was created over a 3 year period by recognizing that there was a better way of tracking jobs than spreadsheets and paper • Designed by actual production employees and feedback on what helps them on the front line • Currently in Version 6.2

    5. What’s in PTS? • Job Tracking • Firms / Clients / Case Tracking • Time Clock • Incredible Reports • Forensics / Evidence Tracking • Customer Portal • Manage Multiple Locations

    6. Job Tracking • Manage Deadlines • See real-time status of all projects in house along with their due date and time • Project Progress • See whether project milestones / checkpoints will be met; (this data can also be viewable by your customers) • Budget Tracking • Establish a budget for projects and receive email notification prior to budget being exceeded

    7. Job Tracking (continued) • Collect Billing Information • Keep all the billing information for each project in one place and have the system calculate and summarize • Email Notifications • Set up email notifications that automatically send your sales staff an email when their project is complete; Also receive a notification before a project deadline is missed

    8. Job Tracking (continued) • Electronic File Cabinet • Upload documents like proposals, emails or other correspondence that need to be stored on a project or case • Profitability and Efficiency Reporting • Pull reports with a click of a button to find out average run times, project labor cost, who’s done what, when, and net profit based on cost

    9. Firms / Clients / Cases • Firm & Client Information • Keep all information in one place and make accessible to your whole team • Case Level Tracking • Track all projects at the case level regardless which individual orders the work; All information is in one place • Service Agreement Tracking • Establish service agreements for monthly or annual invoicing, and receive a reminder to invoice the client (especially useful for hosting, FMs, etc.

    10. Firms / Clients / Cases (continued) • Hosted Database / FTP Tracking • Track each customer’s User-ID and Password for hosted databases or FTP; Allow them to retrieve credentials by utilizing the PTS Customer Portal • Pricing Management • Assign 3 levels of pricing • Standard pricing rate • Firm wide pricing discount • Case specific pricing discount • Pricing Approval Procedures

    11. Time Clock • Employee Clock-In & Clock-Out • Hours and Labor Tracking • Employee Labor % Tracking • Employee Stack Rankings • Vacation Approval Process • Allow employees who work from home, remote location, or customer’s site to Clock-In and bill for work done from the remote location.

    12. Reporting • Production Reporting • Job Summaries • Daily “Revenue Produced” Reports • Monthly “Revenue Produced” Reports • Bonus Reports • Error Reports • Sales Reporting • Sales Person Activity • Daily Sales • “New Try-er” New Client / Customer Report • Commission Reports / Top Line or Gross Margin • Standard Pricing VS Actual Pricing Report • What if wizard (in Design)

    13. Reporting (continued) • Management Reporting • “Location Revenue” Reports • Produced, Invoiced, Pending • “Operator Revenue Produced” Reports • “Job Profitability” Reports • “Job Detail” Reports • “Technical Time” Revenue Tracker • “Job Efficiency” Reports • Time Clock Reporting • Time Clock Status • Time Cards with Approval Signature • Time Activity Report

    14. Reporting (continued) • Forensic / Evidence Reporting • Media Inventory • Evidence Search • By Case • By Job • By Evidence Number • Acquisition Efficiency • Evidence Locker Inventory • Customizable Reports • We can build any report you would like for you • Reports Wizard (future release)

    15. Forensics / Evidence Tracking • Track all incoming and outgoing evidence • Track Media Inventory • Track Evidence Numbers • Track Evidence Storage Locations • Check Evidence in / out • Track Chain of Custody • Perform Conflicts Check

    16. Customer Portal • Provide your customers 3 levels of access to your PTS • Litigation Support Managers (Super-User) • Attorney / Paralegal (Standard-User) • Accounts Payable User (Accounting-User) • Gain access to Project Progress & Status • View past project information • View Service Agreements • Retrieve hosted database or FTP credentials • View unpaid invoices • Download PDF version of Invoices • Print Statements

    17. Multiple Locations / Offices • Share information across multiple locations / offices • Track Projects across locations • Allow multiple locations to collaborate on projects; allocate revenue and labor; collect all billing information in one place • Corporate Level Reporting • View revenues across all your locations • Stack rank all your locations • Review information by single or multiple locations

    18. Roadmap for Future Development… • Collections Tracking System • Invoicing & Quotations • Proposal / RFI Wizard • PO / Vendor Tracking • Build Data Conduit with for CRM • Electronic Work Orders