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Club Assembly Quiz #4

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Club Assembly Quiz #4. Membership. 1. Some clubs give each new member TWO Rotary Pins. Why?. The new member has TWO blouses/sportcoats. Losing a pin is common New Members are encouraged to sponsor OTHER new members. The second pin is for THAT new member!.

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1 some clubs give each new member two rotary pins why
1. Some clubs give each new member TWO Rotary Pins. Why?
  • The new member has TWO blouses/sportcoats.
  • Losing a pin is common
  • New Members are encouraged to sponsor OTHER new members. The second pin is for THAT new member!
3 if every rotarian sponsored one new member rotary would have how many members worldwide
3. If every Rotarian sponsored one new member, Rotary would have how many members worldwide?
  • 500,000
  • 1.2 million
  • 2.4 million
  • 4.8 million
4 why would a person want to join rotary
4. Why would a person want to join Rotary?
  • To effect change within the community
  • To develop leadership skills
  • To Gain an understanding of – and have an impact on – international humanitarian problems
  • To develop relationships with community and business leaders
  • All of the above!
5 one of the best ways to keep up with trends in rotary membership is
5. One of the best ways to keep up with trends in Rotary membership is:
  • Watch the members who come to your meetings
  • Check the parking lot
  • Subscribe to “Membership Minute” on the Rotary website
  • All the above
6. A friend is moving to Seattle, and you’d like to get her in contact with Rotarians in the area. What’s the best way to link them up?
  • Call the Seattle Chamber of Commerce
  • Call a non-Rotarian friend in Tacoma
  • Sign up for Membership Minute newsletters
  • Use the club locator on the RI Website
7. If a person cannot afford club dues, support The Rotary Foundation, or support the ethics of the 4-Way Test:
  • They might still be Rotarians with a little work.
  • They might have trouble finding a sponsor
  • Might better not have been asked to Rotary in the first place
  • Probably will not be accepted for membership
  • B, C & D above
8 what are some ways to retain members
8. What are some ways to retain members?
  • Chain them to the podium
  • Make sure they quickly enter a clique at a standard table
  • Don’t let the new member sit with her/his sponsor
  • None of the above
9 orientation of a new member should
9. Orientation of a new member should:
  • Be thorough
  • Involve the Membership or the Membership Development Committee
  • Include Rotary literature, contact numbers, and club directory of members in a membership “packet”
  • Include instruction in the “secret handshake”
  • A, B, & C above
10 how does family of rotary apply to new members
10. How does “Family of Rotary” apply to new members?
  • The new Rotarian’s family are never invited to the formal induction
  • Family activities should be held soon, so that spouses (and even children) would be included in Rotary Fellowship
  • This is a good time to study the history of Paul Harris’ children

11. Many new members know nothing of Rotary Fellowships. Is it too early to give a list of these to new members on the day of their induction?

  • Fellowship only means talking to Rotary Friends
  • Yes -- The list is too long, and may frighten a new Rotarian into thinking that they must join one or more Fellowships
  • No, “getting the Rotarian out of the Club” is one of the best ways to “get the Club into the Rotarian”
  • Yes – because this will distract the new Rotarian’s attention away from the District Conference
12 what happens to a rotarian at an international convention
12. What happens to a Rotarian at an International Convention?
  • The Convention serves as a fabulous place to recruit new members
  • The Convention ignites “The Spirit of Rotary” in almost every attendee
  • They finally get to attend a District Membership meeting
  • They should always try to find dining table with all Americans.
13 when you invite to investigate rotary membership a frequent response is
13. When you invite to investigate Rotary membership, a frequent response is:
  • MY schedule is too busy for such things
  • I cannot make all those meetings
  • I cannot pay the dues of yet another club
  • All of the above
14 what s a membership referral form
14. What’s a “Membership Referral Form?”
  • It’s a request to join the Membership Committee
  • It’s a newsletter for membership ideas.
  • It’s a form on for referring a person to a Rotary Club
  • It’s a booklet for Rotarians on Membership
15 a mentor has many responsibilities including but not limited to the following
15. A mentor has many responsibilities including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Being available to answer questions and provide guidance
  • Ensuring the new member understands club policy and procedures, including rules and expectations
  • Acting as an informal host at club events by introducing the new member to other club members and ensuring that the new member feels comfortable
  • Conducting an inventory of interests to determine the topics that interest the new member
  • Monitoring the new member’s comfort level and involvement in the club meetings
  • All of the above
thank you
Thank YOU!!

Your participation in this little quiz was just another of the many places to which we might look for help in finding Rotary – I really thank you for your participation.

If you have a Rotary question which might be suitable for this new program, please write me at: DG District 6740 DG District 6740