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Delivering the training

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Delivering the training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delivering the training
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  1. Delivering the training Using STP

  2. Design of STP • Standardised training packages are designed using UPU Trainpost methodology • Structure of the STP has the following components • Every course has a course goal • Entire course is divided into modules with a definite performance objective for the module • Each module will have several learning cycles with intermediate performance objectives • Each module will normally have a progress test as a feedback to learning • Every course will have a mastery test

  3. Learning cycle • Each learning cycle of a module has an intermediate objective • Learning cycles are either dependant or independent and normally sequenced from known to unknown • The learning cycles are designed in the P-P-P-T principle • P(Prepare) – P(Present) – P(Practice) – T(Test) • A module plan is designed for each learning cycle which guides on • How the training is to be delivered • What materials and training aids to be used • Timings for the module and various activities

  4. Some tips and cautions • STPs are designed taking into account the training needs and scheduled to achieve the objective • STPs are fully validated as on the date of release • STPs are precise and do not allow deviations

  5. What is your role? • Fully validated STPs designed by various PTCs are available for download at PTC Mysore website; The portal address is • You need to provide the following credentials • Username – STP • Password – indiapost • You can download the materials available and run the course • Please login to the site and view the list of courses available

  6. Your role cont’d • Your role is to deliver the training in exactly the same method as prescribed in the STP • Deviations from the STP are not permitted as this will defeat the goal • Updations to the STP can be done to correct factual errors, if any or to afford changes due to change in operating environment

  7. Demo and discussion • Watch the demo of the structure of a STP, its components and the training methodology prescribed

  8. This completes the unit Thank you