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Wrap Up & Review

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Wrap Up & Review. Seating Arrangement. Find your desk based on the card you were given. Bell Ringer. Where would you put the 10 th Amendment - Marble Cake or Layer Cake? Why? Define devolution. Describe a categorical grant. Today We Will …. Objectives. Agenda.

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seating arrangement
Seating Arrangement

Find your desk based on the card you were given.

bell ringer
Bell Ringer
  • Where would you put the 10th Amendment - Marble Cake or Layer Cake? Why?
  • Define devolution.
  • Describe a categorical grant.
today we will
Today We Will …



Grants –in aid partner review

Federal Mandates – jig saw

Federalism in AP6

FRQ Activity

Review reading quizzes

  • Compare and contrast forms of grants-in-aid.
  • Explore two federal mandates: Clean Air & Water and ADA
  • Discuss federalism in the AP6 countries.
  • Review for Unit 2 test.
cooperative fiscal federalism
Cooperative & Fiscal Federalism
  • Review your cooperative federalism/fiscal federalism notes with a partner.
    • One person read the list of vocab and the other show where that is on the notes
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of grant
  • How do Categorical grants increase the power of the federal government?
  • How do Block Grants increase the power of the states?
federalism in legislation jig saws
Federalism in Legislation: Jig Saws



Review the law with your partner and complete the note sheet.

Turn to the people seated behind you. Each pair will share and discuss notes.

Take a poll to answer Issues I and II on the back of the note sheet.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Clean Air and Water Act
check for understanding
Check for Understanding

What are strategies the federal government can use to get states to do what they want?

What is the power of the federal government relative to state government with

  • Americans with disabilities
  • Clean air and water
political institutions
Political Institutions
  • Unitary
    • No constitutional separation of power between the central and regional governments
    • Devolution: decentralization of national/central power to local units of government, decentralization of power from the central to local units.
      • Examples:
        • Scottish Parliament
        • National Assembly for Wales
        • Northern Ireland Assembly
        • Mayor of London
what happens in devolution
What happens in devolution?
  • Central government can appoint a governor or establish a local legislature.
  • The local “bureaucrat” can address local welfare and economic issues while ensuring the central government’s policies are followed.
    • UK counties going unitary?
decentralized unitary vs federalism
Decentralized Unitary vs. Federalism

• Power can be taken away or local legislature/ government can be dissolved in a unitary system (by the central government).

  • Subnational governments’ powers are not constitutionally protected.

• In a unitary system decentralization is not necessarily symmetrical, whereas it is symmetrical in a federalist system (all parts are treated equally).

  • Asymmetrical federalism
why would a country devolve power
Why would a country devolve power?

In the UK: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

  • To pacify political rivals
  • To prevent revolution
  • Domestic pressure
  • To increase legitimacy
  • To increase political participation
  • Policy efficiency/decrease burden of central government (such as distribution of services and tax collection)
  • To make democracy less remote
check for understanding1
Check for Understanding
  • How do leaders decentralize?
  • How is a decentralized unitary system different from a federal system?
supreme court cases1
Supreme Court Cases

Check For Understanding

  • Complete the SC Case Quiz with your partner
  • SC cases self-check quiz
  • Study Guide