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Stepping Stone

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Stepping Stone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stepping Stone. Daycare centre. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Permata. No.2, Lintang Bulan,Bagan Ajam , 13000 Butterworth.

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Stepping Stone

Daycare centre


No.2, LintangBulan,BaganAjam, 13000 Butterworth


Founded in year 2010. A community Pre-school for children aged 2 to 6 years old, and daycare for aged 7 to 12 with an intake of children principally from the surrounding areas .


Our mission….

To create a nurturing and comfortable learning environment for each child.

To make learning enjoyable

To lay a strong foundation of independency within each child for their daily life.



Children may start Pre-school at the beginning of the term when they will be turn 3. Most begin with 15 sessions per week, and add additional sessions when parents and staff feel they are ready. In the year before they start school, children may join the trial lessons for free for 2 days..


What Will My Child Do At Pre-school & daycare?

"Learning through play" is the phrase that best sums up what children will do, though of course the best way to find out is to visit! At times it will seem organized, though more often it will seem chaotic!

  • There is method to the madness, and we plan activities around a theme on a termly, weekly and daily basis. Our framework is the Foundation Stage Curriculum, which covers a child's education and development from the age of 3 to the end of the reception year at school. The Foundation Stage is the early years equivalent of the National Curriculum, and includes 6 areas of learning:
    • Language, Literacy & Communication
    • Mathematical Development
    • Personal Social and Emotional Development
    • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
    • Creative Development
    • Physical Development

Craft activities

  • Painting is always available, as well as an additional craft activity where the children use the materials provided - often in unexpected and wonderful ways. We encourage self-expression and experimentation, and focus on colour, texture, size, shape, quantity, etc. Cooking, woodworking, modelling, cutting, pasting, threading, printing - only our imaginations limit the choices.
  • The Home Corner
  • is a place for imaginative role play. It might be a home, with dolls and various domestic items and play dough for cooking. Or it might be a post office, a doctor's surgery, a shoe shop or a travel agent. Anything, anywhere.........
  • Sand/Water play
  • These well-loved natural materials provide lots of fun and the opportunity to discover and explore various scientific principles.

Book/Quiet Corner

  • With a well-stocked book trolley, comfortable surroundings and a willing adult always on hand, this is a popular spot. We aim to encourage a love of books and provide children with the motivation to learn to read when ready.
  • Construction toys
  • can help children learn about colour, size, shape, spatial awareness and cooperative play.
  • Table play
  • Might include puzzles, small toys, sorting and counting activities or messy play. Whatever is provided, we encourage children to experiment and work it out for themselves, though adult encouragement is at hand.

Writing table

  • Paper, pencils, rulers, scissors, felt tips, stamps, stencils and materials for cutting and pasting are on offer. We want children to become adept at using the tools while enjoying the process.
  • Physical Activities
  • One piece of large equipment such as the climbing frame is always out. Other choices, such as beanbags, hoops and balls might be available, and one of our group sessions is usually active.

Your Child's Progress Through Pre-school

This is our opportunity to give you information that may not be clear elsewhere, so that as your child progresses through Pre-school, you'll know what to expect and what we expect. We're very flexible about most of these arrangements, we simply ask that you keep us informed and let us know of any changes as soon as possible.


Withdrawal from Pre-school

The policy of Stepping Stone is to require at least half a month's notice in writing or fees in lieu that your child is to leave Pre-school. Obviously, we are prepared to consider exceptional circumstances, but we feel that this is the fairest policy for children who are already attending, for those who are trying to plan for the future, and for any children waiting for places. If you have completed the registration form section that details where and when you expect your child to start school and these details remain unchanged, this will suffice as written notice. However, if your intentions change during the time your child is at pre-school, it is vital that you let us know.



At Pre-school we operate a key person scheme, which means that one will take a special interest in your child; settling in, meeting other children and parents, and guiding him/her around the various activities on offer. The key person will also watch your child's progress and development at Pre-school, noting achievements or problems, and contributing towards the records we keep. The key person is your first point of contact if you wish to discuss anything at all, though of course all of us are available for questions or comments.


The principal – Ms Chin

Also the founder of Stepping Stone Daycare Centre, was graduated in Advance Diploma in Business Management in year 2000. She started her career as preschool operator assistant since year 2002. Over the years, she not only gained experience over nurturing and educating children with different background and personalities, Thus, also the experience over the management of the operation of the centre itself. Her passion to facilitate the growth of the little ones is always running high.


The preschool tutor – MdmShahaliza Bt Shaher

A mother of an autistic child of 10 years old. She has no experience in educating the normal kids over the past years. However, by educating and nurturing her own kid which suffered from autism is much more tougher than for the normal kids. Over the years, she, with her patience and confidence, she was able to make her autistic child a better child and able to attend to school like normal, with good results in academic as well as socialization with other people. With her valuable experience, the passion, the patience and confidence, she is a very good tutor to the children.


Safety and Health

We take great care in monitoring the safe arrival and departure of all children, and ask that if your child is to be collected by anyone not named on the registration form that you tell us in writing

Accidents and Illness

  • For minor incidents, first aid will be given at Pre-school. In an emergency, parents and a doctor will be contacted immediately, so please ensure that we have up to date contact numbers. Please let us know if your child has any on-going condition such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, or if he/she is on a particular diet.

If your child is ill, please let us know as soon as possible if the illness is infectious, and please keep him/her away from Pre-school until risk of infecting other children is past.