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Henry Lee Lucas

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Henry Lee Lucas. Sarah Strauss. AKA: The Confession Killer, One-Eyed Drifter. What makes a serial killer?. Medical injuries when younger Most have an unstable home as a child Might be abused when young Did not have a stable home as a child No conscience and has no remorse

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henry lee lucas

Henry Lee Lucas

Sarah Strauss

AKA: The Confession Killer, One-Eyed Drifter

what makes a serial killer
What makes a serial killer?
  • Medical injuries when younger
  • Most have an unstable home as a child
  • Might be abused when young
  • Did not have a stable home as a child
  • No conscience and has no remorse
  • Lacks love and nurturing
what is evil
What is Evil?
  • Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, esp. when regarded as a supernatural force.
  • Is the intention or effect of causing harm or destruction, usually specifically from the perception of deliberately violating some moral code
  • Evil acts include: rape and murder
  • Henry Lee Lucas is a Moral Evil
  • He enjoyed the transient feeling of power it gave to him
evil cont
Evil cont…

Moral Evil

Natural Evil

harms perpetrated by some agent

Want to hurt someone

harms resulting from natural disasters, disease, or other agentless causes

  • He was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Born a Christian
  • One of nine sibling
  • Raised by alcoholic parents who were abusive
  • He murdered his mother
  • Spent 3 days in a coma
  • He enjoyed cannibalism and necrophilia
  • Lucas claimed that he first practiced bestiality and zoosadism
  • By June 22, thanks to a front page story, Henry Lee Lucas had become a nationally famous serial killer.
early life
Early Life
  • When he was ten his brother accidentally stabbed him in the left eye. His mother just ignored the injury and the eye became infected so it had to replaced by a glass
  • Ran away from home
  • As a teenager, his sexual deviance became increasingly pronounced
  • He reported having sex with his half-brother and with dead animals
  • His teen years were spent in and out of jail
  • Engaged to pen pail while incarcerated
  • In and out of juvenile detention
  • Convicted of petty theft
  • He was in a coma for 3 days
    • Suffered headaches
    • Dizzy spells
    • Black outs

Profile of Henry Lee Lucas

Born: August 23, 1936 in Blacksburg, Virginia

Died: March 11, 2001 of natural causes (massive heart failure), Huntsville Prison, Texas

Number of victims: 3-3000

Once known as: "Most infamous man on death row" and "the greatest monster than ever lived"

Active: 1947-1983

Victim Profile: Random people, primarily hitchhikers

Location: Michigan, Florida, & Texas (possibly 20 more states)

  • Since he was raised by abusive parents and was hurt at a young age he recanted and became a serial killer because he was raised wrong.
  • He started having sex at a really young age which might have led him to become one
  • He also had a standard IQ which is weird because a lot of serial killers are really smart
  • He believes someone like Satan is telling him to do the murders
targeted victims and motive
Targeted victims and motive
  • Usually killed the girls or women he'd picked up, because he preferred sexual contact with a corpse
  • Lucas generally used a knife or strangled them, but he was an advocate of trying different methods so as not to leave a pattern that police might link together.
  • There is no accurate number of how many people Henry killed
    • The estimate is between 100-3,000 (many different websites offer)
  • The first attack was Lucas’s mother on January 11, 1960
  • The victim’s ages range from 12 to 82 years
  • The killings took place around the country
  • He directed the police to a number amount of bodies
targeted victims cont
Targeted victims cont….
  • The first murder was of his mother
  • He killed a lady in Texas only wearing orange socks
what type of killer is lucas
What type of killer is lucas?
  • Lucas was a power and control serial killer
  • He also is a Hedonistic
  • Since he was beaten when younger it might have lead to his killings
  • He killed women because he like to be sexual with them
  • “a live woman ain'tnothin” a quote from him
court and verdict
Court and verdict
  • “The defense also used work records to show the Lucas had been in Florida on October 31 and had cashed a check on November 1, and they tied it all up with psychiatric testimony to show that Lucas was insane. Psychologist Tom Kubiszyn said that Lucas had an IQ of 84, a desire to feel important, a feeling of inferiority, and a belief that he could not direct his own actions. He also had schizophrenia.”
  • He was diagnosed as a psychopath
  • Was sentenced 20 to 40 years in prison
  • He was sent to Jackson State Penitentiary in southern Michigan, but after two attempted suicides, he was admitted to Ionia State Mental Hospital.
  • He was paroled in 1970 after serving 10 years.
media attention
Media attention
  • Lucas did not seek attention to the media. He was trying to avoid it.
  • There are several books and movies made about him.
  • Back then when President George W. Bush was a governor of Texas he got involved.

Lucas in prison

where in the world is henry
Where in the world is henry?
  • He was sentenced to death, but the sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment by Texas governor George Bush. While on Death Row, Lucas became a born again Christian and spent the last 18 years of his life as a model prisoner. He died on March 12, 2001 of natural cause at the age of 64.

Lucas flanked by prison guards.

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