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March 18, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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March 18, 2014

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March 18, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCACVA Spring Conference. NCD Break out. March 18, 2014. TOPICS. Weekly clock hours of attendance Standards of progress Pro Rata Refund Leave of Absences (LOA) MISC. Weekly Clock Hour Attendance.

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Presentation Transcript

NCACVA Spring Conference

NCD Break out

March 18, 2014

  • Weekly clock hours of attendance
  • Standards of progress
  • Pro Rata Refund
  • Leave of Absences (LOA)
  • MISC
weekly clock hour attendance
Weekly Clock Hour Attendance

There has been discussion among the four Regional Processing Offices, the SAAs and VA Central Office regarding the reporting requirements for NCD clock hour programs.

Previously, SCOs were instructed that anytime a student doesn't attend the certified number of clock hours per week you were to “adjust” the cert in VA Once to reflect the change in clock hours per week. 

VA has reinterpreted their view on the reporting requirements for NCD clock hour programs. Although this is subject to further change based on clarification from VA Central Office, you should begin to follow these instructions immediately.

weekly clock hour attendance1
Weekly Clock Hour Attendance



If the student is not meeting attendance and/or progress standards you will terminate the student’s certification

Progress standards may be based on:

Minimum grades,

grade point average,

minimum attendance

Requirements or a combination

You will process a Pro Rata Refund

  • Report the student’s scheduled hours of attendance
    • Ensure that you are not certifying a length, based on the scheduled clock hours per week, that exceeds the program length as approved by the SAA
    • The total clock hours certified will be checked on compliance surveys by SAA & VA
  • If the student misses classes you will NOT report the change to VA
  • Follow your school’s published attendance & progress policies, as

approved by the SAA, and listed in your approval letter

pro rata refund

Nonaccreditedschools must refund T&F on a pro rata basis when VA students withdraw or do not enroll after paying for courses, in whole or part

  • The pro rata refund must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria:
    • School catalogs must have description of the refund policy. A simple statement that refunds are made on a pro rata basis is not sufficient.
    • The description must be clear enough for students to determine the amount of their refund
    • VA regulations allow a 10% deviation in the refund from an exact pro rata figure
    • VA regulations allow schools to retain up to $10.00 of any registration fee
  • Schools must make refunds promptly, i.e., within 40 days
    • Schools cannot not require VA students to request the refunds
    • If a school’s policy is more favorable to the student the school will use their policy
    • Schools may apply the pro rata refund policy to VA students only.
how to calculate a pro rata refund
How to Calculate a Pro Rata Refund
  • Calculate the number of clock hours the student completed
  • Divide the completed clock hours by the total approved clock hours
  • The resulting percentage is the amount the school can keep

Ex: A program is approved for 1500 total clock hours & costs $10,000

The student completed 1000 total clock hours

1000/1500 = .6666 or 67%

$10,000 x 67% = $6700

The school keeps $6700

The school refunds $3300 to the student

Any debt with VA is the student’s responsibility

leave of absence loa non ch 33
Leave of Absence (LOA) NON CH 33

If a student takes a Leave of absence you have to report the LOA to VA.

For a NON CH33 you will:

  • Terminate the cert effective the last date attended in the “LDA/EFF” box in VA Once
    • Use “Withdrawal or Interruption (NonCollege Degree Programs)
    • You do not need to add a remark about the LOA
    • Enter the date through which they accrued credit in the “LD Accrued” box in VA Once
      • This is the date where they will pick up once they return to training
      • If they will pick up right where they left off you will enter the same date as in the “LDA/EFF” date box
      • If your school is organized on Mods etc., you will enter the begin date of the mod from which the student will have to repeat
    • Do a brand new cert when the student returns
      • Enter the date they returned to class in the “Begin” date box
      • Enter the date they will complete training in the “End” date box (extended if applicable)
leave of absence loa ch 33
Leave of Absence (LOA) CH 33

For CH33 you do not want to terminate the cert as it causes issues with T&F payments and debts in the VA system

    • Do an adjust in VA Once
    • Enter the student’s last date of attendance prior to the LOA in the “LDA/EFF” date box
    • Remove any data in the “LD Accrued”
    • Delete the figure in the “clock” box & click anywhere on the screen. You will get:
    • Click OK
  • If the LOA will extend the student’s end date and you are fairly certain of the new end date enter the new end date in the “rev end dt” box that will become active
    • If the student’s ending date will not change or you’re not sure of the date leave the “rev end dt” box empty
leave of absence loa ch 331
Leave of Absence (LOA) CH 33
    • Reenter the scheduled clock hours in the “clock” box
  • Leave the T&F as initially certified
    • Choose “other” from the drop down box for adjustment reason
    • Enter the following remark: Student on LOA from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx.
      • Also add: Ending date extended to xx/xx/xx (if applicable)
leave of absence loa ch 332
Leave of Absence (LOA) CH 33
  • If the student does not return as reported but still intends to return:
    • Adjust the cert
    • Update the “rev end dt” box (if you entered a revised end date initially)
    • Update the remarks
    • If you are certain that the student will not return:
      • Terminate the certification
      • Provide the last date credit accrued in the “LD Accrued” box
      • Process a Pro Rata refund
      • Any debt will be on the student
    • If the student is allowed to return after termination (AVOID this scenario when possible):
      • The student’s debt should be eliminated if the LTS reads it properly BUT
      • VA is unsure how best a school should report this situation so the LTS processes properly
      • If you have a situation like this please send an RNW explaining in detail the situation
misc reminders
MISC Reminders
  • You must get official transcripts from all previously attended schools
    • It does not matter if they used VA benefits at prior schools
    • You must perform a prior credit evaluation
  • The cost of books & supplies:
    • Should be included on a CH33 cert if they are mandatory for all students
    • If they books/supplies cannot be purchased from any outside source
  • You must add the VA Course Code when entering approved programs into VA Once
    • VA Once will populate the “Objective code” with the same number
    • The list of codes is found on the Quick Reference User Guide Power Point
    • If there is not an exact match use “Not Elsewhere Classified” code
  • CH35 NCD students must verify their enrollment each month to release payment
  • If you have started certifying a student on paper submit any changes on paper
  • All new students should be certified in VA Once