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FGM November 9, 2009

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FGM November 9, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FGM November 9, 2009. Agenda. Welcome! Roberts Rules of Order (from CSES) Executive Reports Questions Motions Announcements. Roberts Rules of Order. . ‘One’ Finger – Start talking on a new subject. This will start a new speakers list once the current topic has been finished.

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fgm november 9 2009

November 9, 2009

  • Welcome!
  • Roberts Rules of Order (from CSES)
  • Executive Reports
  • Questions
  • Motions
  • Announcements
roberts rules of order
Roberts Rules of Order


‘One’ Finger – Start talking on a new subject.

This will start a new speakers list once the current topic has been finished.

ie: currently discussing EngFrosh and want to ask about DUSTED

‘Two’ Fingers – Discuss current point.

This adds you to the current speakers list and you will be called upon when it is your turn.

ie: currently discussing EngFrosh and want to keep talking about EngFrosh

roberts rules of order1
Roberts Rules of Order
  • .

‘Three’ Fingers – Discussion is circular and should end.

This will tell the chair that no new points are being raised and the discussion should move to a new topic. Alternate rule is the Cutter Hand Wave.

ie: people have said EngFrosh is cool 6 times in a row

‘Middle’ Fingers – You can’t hear the person speaking.

This will tell the chair that you can’t hear the person that is currently talking. They will then be asked to speak up.

ie: someone is mumbling, give them the finger and they should speak up

roberts rules of order2
Roberts Rules of Order

.‘Pinky’ Finger – Point of Order, Point of Personal Privilege or Point of Information.

May interrupt at any point in time by raising the pinky and yelling the point of *blank* you want to raise. Order is when the chair is not following the proper procedure, Personal Privilege is when you feel insulted or unduly targeted and Information is when you don’t understand something like an short form.

ie: question period or voting isn’t conducted properly, Point of Order

ie: someone writes a pie motion because you’re ugly, Point of Personal Privilege.

ie: you don’t know what CSES stands for, Point of Information to find out.

  • Scheduled and chaired meetings
  • Aided in making major decisions and giving advice for other executive
  • Kept up on what was going on in all areas of the society
  • Acted as a mediator to any issues within the executive, as well as outside issues with the executive
  • Any slack from the other executive will make its way to you, ensure they are doing their jobs properly and efficiently, or at least the VP Internal
    • Solid knowledge of the Constitution and inner societies workings
vp internal
VP Internal
  • CMAS rep to the CSES Council
    • Attended as many meetings as possible, represented the society’s interests
  • Chaired Executive meetings where the President could not attend
  • Directed and aided other Executives with their duties
  • Ordered and picked up new CMAS T-shirts
  • Continued to ensure that CMAS reaches goals set for the yearly “awesome” quota

3rd-year Rep

Lindsay Los out

Marcel Campbell in

Events Co-director

Christa Sexauer out

1st-year reps in

SMaRT Director

Matt Baldisera out


vp external
VP External


Student Aerospace Forum (SAF)

  • Sept. 15th-16th - ETS, Montreal
  • First contacted organizers in July about conference
  • 20ish Carleton folk attended
  • Had to pay for a bus…that SAF folk are going to refund
  • Accommodations were described as being “gypsy concentration camps”
  • Was supposed to be bilingual, but ended up being all in French
  • Participants had a good time - especially Ian
vp external1
VP External


Canadian Space Summit (CSS)

Currently working with CuSEDS dude to make sure hotels, transportation and all that jazz is dealt with

30 students (from CMAS/ CuSEDS)

Looks like a good time

Will be using most of budget on this; reimbursement for CMAS members ONLY


Hoping to start collecting resumes in the very, very near future

Hoping to have all resumes collected before Christmas

vp external2
VP External



Mail out in January

Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace (CSSA)

Usually in February

Was cancelled last year

finance director1
Finance Director
  • Responsible for depositing cash from member purchases
  • Modifying budget when needed
  • Paying back exec purchases on behalf of the society
  • Holding office hours, attending meetings, helping out wherever needed
events directors
Events Directors
  • I’m your “Director of Operations”
  • Major changes to position
    • Resignation of co-director
    • Enlisted help of first-year reps K-J Corbin and Kevin Atkins to fill gap
events directors1
Events Directors

What’s been done so far:

  • First CMAS Movie Night on Sept. 23rd
  • CMAS Halloween Movie Night on Oct. 30th
  • CMAS Rocket Competition on Nov. 7th – Wicked Awesome!
  • Send out weekly-ish CMAS updates
  • Started quiz of the week
  • Office hours
  • Postering for events
  • On budget so far
events directors2
Events Directors

What’s going to happen:

  • Contact Jeff Bird, line up speakers for next term.
  • Vintage Wings of Canada tour on Saturday, Nov. 21rd
  • Year end gathering ‘chez moi’ on Dec. 5th
  • Catapult competition will be next term
  • Try to hold some more academic-themed events next term
  • Ideas for events are always welcome
services director
Services Director
  • Six course manuals/lab manuals were printed at Staples

1. MAAE 2700 – Engineering Materials

2. MAAE 3300 – Fluid Mechanics II

3. MAAE 3202 – Mechanics of Solids II

4. MAAE 3004 – Dynamics of Machinery

5. MAAE 4102 – Materials: Strength and Fracture

6. MAAE 3901 – Mech & Aero Engineering Lab

services director1
Services Director
  • Five manuals were printed on time
    • One manual was received late, and printed as soon as possible
  • Two manuals, MAAE 3004 and MAAE 4102 went to reprint
    • 15 copies of each were reprinted
  • Staples run being done bi-monthly
  • First request for second semester courses went out Nov. 1st
technical director
Technical Director
  • Tech Director has a varied role
  • Many different little things to do
  • Printers, routers, office computers, software, etc.
  • Support for any events
  • Website
publications director
Publications Director

Geared Up

  • Started from scratch
    • Old templates and articles lost
  • One issue published so far
    • In time for frosh week
    • Cost slightly more than expected, still within budget
    • Now on the “Internet”!
  • Template essentially set now
publications director1
Publications Director

Geared Up

  • Next issue underway
  • Still need articles
    • Rocket Competition
    • SAF / O’Hara’s Report
    • CMAS Fall GM
    • First flight of Ares I-X
    • Literally anything MECH or AERO-related
4 th year rep
4th Year Rep
  • Act as liaison between the CMAS execs and class of 2010
  • Made class announcements regarding all CMAS events and programs
  • Helped where needed in other directorships
  • Performed any other duties consistent with the purpose and goals of the society
3 rd year rep
3rd Year Rep
  • Keep 3rd year Mech and Aero students informed of CMAS’s awesomeness and their awesome events
  • Help other execs with awesome events and whatever other awesome stuff CMAS needs to continue being awesome
2 nd year rep
2nd Year Rep
  • Make announcements to second year students about upcoming events
  • Helped out at events we've held
1 st year reps
1st Year Reps
  • Making announcements to both ECOR 1010 Classes
  • Co-events coordinators along with Jordan
elections committee
Elections Committee

Problems identified after last election

Current elections process can leave valuable, experienced individuals without roles

Certain positions require specific skill sets

Committee formed to examine possibilities

President, VP Internal, VP External, Publications

Met several times over summer and fall

Numerous possibilities considered

Preferred solutions identified

Drafted proposed constitutional amendments

elections committee1
Elections Committee

Candidates may run for up to two (2) offices

Candidates indicate preferred office to Elections Officer

Determines which office candidate fills in case he/she wins both

Allows members to elect best candidate for each office while lowering risk of losing valuable experience

Technical Director

Candidates require interview with current Tech

Require signature of either current Tech or President


Upcoming Events

  • Vintage Wings of Canada tour
    • Saturday, Nov. 21rd
  • Year end gathering, Chez Briggs
    • Saturday, Dec. 5th
    • Volunteers welcome