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Back to School Night 2012-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Back to School Night 2012-2013

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Back to School Night 2012-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back to School Night 2012-2013. Meet your teachers!. Todd Krzysiak. Amy Wildberger. Naomi Lewis. Lisa Brown. Jessica Spinnler. Language Arts. Units Studied General Reading Processes Short Stories Poetry Understanding Science and Social Studies text Functional Documents

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Back to School Night 2012-2013

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    1. Back to School Night 2012-2013

    2. Meet your teachers! Todd Krzysiak Amy Wildberger Naomi Lewis Lisa Brown Jessica Spinnler

    3. Language Arts • Units Studied • General Reading Processes • Short Stories • Poetry • Understanding Science and Social Studies text • Functional Documents • Informational Text • Novels • Drama/Plays • Areas of Focus • Writing • The Writing Process • 6 Traits of Writing • Narrative, Persuasive, Descriptive and Informational • Research Projects • Reading • Fluency • Comprehension • Vocabulary • Word Study

    4. Mathematics • Students will be taught from the “Common Core State Standards” curriculum. • We will focus on units within each quarter and students will be assessed at the end of each quarter with assessments from the county. • Students will be given assessments/quizzes after units. • Fact Assessments will also be given each quarter • Concepts taught within units: Place value, Fractions, Multiplication, Division, Decimals, Graphing, Measurement, Area, Perimeter, Volume and Percents. • Here at Whittier Elementary School, we believe all students deserve and will receive rich rigorous mathematics instruction. Each student is monitored on a regular basis and provided with additional supports as needed (intervention, enrichment).

    5. Science /STEM • 3 Units • Geology (Rocks and Minerals) • Taught by Ms. Spinnler and Mr. Krzysiak • Communities • Taught by Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Brown • Electricity and Magnetism • Taught by Mrs. Wildberger, Mrs. Brown and Ms. Spinnler • Stem Video •

    6. Social Studies • Social Studies is taught in between Science units and incorporate into Language Arts units. • 4 Units • American Beginnings • Colonial America • Rising Conflict and Resolution • We the People: U.S. Government

    7. Engagement/Enrichment Block • 30 minute block where students focus on an area of need for either intervention or enrichment. • Students might stay with their homeroom teacher or they might travel to another 5th grade teacher’s classroom. • Quarter 1: Math • Quarter 2: Language Arts • Quarter 3: Math • Quarter 4: Language Arts

    8. Homework • Students will have 45 minutes of homework Monday thru Thursday. • Students will write their assignments in their agendas and homework will also be posted on the Whittier webpage under each teacher’s name. • New website:

    9. Class Rules/Expectations • Students are expected to be Whittier HEROES at all. We expect students to be… • Safe • Ready • Polite • Responsible • Students should respect all school property and be prepared for school each day. • We encourage students to “stay on green” and “reach for the stars” in order to be a Whittier Hero!

    10. Consequences • Verbal or Visual Warning • Formal Warning (loss of 5 min. of recess) • Reflection Form completed immediately (loss of 10 min. of recess) • Documentation: Phone Call and/or Email to Parents (loss of 15 min. of recess) • Guidance Visit • Office Visit (Formal Referral)

    11. Field Trips and Celebrations • 2-day Geology Trip around Frederick County • ESSL (Earth Space and Science Lab) • 2 visits • Weinberg Center • Freedom Train • There will be no more Valentine’s Day party. In place of this there will be some sort of “Spring Celebration”. • End of the Year Half- Day Celebration • Please remember that a snack should no longer be brought to school to celebrate a birthday.

    12. Thank you so much for coming! Please feel free to call or email your child’s teacher with any concerns or questions whenever they arise. We are looking forward to a successful year with a great group of kids!