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  • Uploaded on The Next Generation. A brief History of US. Founded in 2001. GNU/Linux 1994, Sourceforge 1999, Apache Foundation 1999, Eclipse 2001, OpenNTF 2001, Github 2008, Bitbucket 2008. Mission 1.0. Prove to IBM that templates should be updated more than once a year.

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openntf org

The Next Generation

founded in 2001
Founded in 2001

GNU/Linux 1994, Sourceforge 1999, Apache Foundation 1999, Eclipse 2001, OpenNTF 2001, Github 2008, Bitbucket 2008

mission 1 0
Mission 1.0

Prove to IBM that templates should be updated more than once a year

2 guys 1 server
2 guys 1 server

And when I say “server” I mean it was an old Pentium with 32MB of RAM and a 10Mbps Ethernet card. But it was a server to us.

store code and report issues
Store code and report issues

OpenNTF Mail Experience, EXT.ND, Blogsphere, OpenLog

mission accomplished
Mission accomplished!

In 2009, IBM announced formal support for OpenNTF and helped create OpenNTF, Inc as a not-for-profit foundation

mission 2 0

Support the open source projects at OpenNTF

board of directors
Board of directors

IBM provided legal and technical support

store code report issues review ip
Store code, report issues, Review IP

Lots of IBM projects added, including core templates and ExtLib

contests news and advertising
Contests, news, and advertising

Lots of growth in community and as an operation

new board for 2013
New board for 2013

New chairman: Christian Guedemann

a decision
A decision…

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

a decision1
A decision…






  • SourceForge
  • Codehaus
  • Github
  • Bitbucket
a decision2
A decision…

Store some files or change the world?

a new mission
A new mission

Curate and cultivate all things development to be the ultimate tool for collaboration professionals

a new focus
A new focus

Be to IBM collaboration what Eclipse is to Java

openntf essentials
Openntf essentials

The “can’t live without it” toolkit for XPages developers

essentials runtime
Essentials runtime

OpenNTF Domino API, XPages Toolkit, Workflow4XPages, Social Business Toolkit, ExtLibX, Bootstrap4XPages, POI4XPages

essentials runtime1
Essentials runtime

Basically, it’s the state-of-the-art in making Domino servers do cool stuff

essentials toolbox
Essentials Toolbox

Log File Reader, XPages Debug Toolbar, XPages Toolbox, Eclipse debug plugin, XSP Starter Kit, XPages SDK for Eclipse, Source Control tools, FindBugs

essentials toolbox1
Essentials toolbox

Basically it’s the state-of-the-art in making Domino developers productive

what makes it essential
What makes It essential?

Better user experience

what makes it essential1
What makes it essential?

More reliable outcomes

get involved
Get involved

Download now!

get involved1
Get involved

Become a member

get involved2
Get involved

Become a contributor

change the world