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LEADERS & SPEAKERS July 2003 – June 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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LEADERS & SPEAKERS July 2003 – June 2013

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LEADERS & SPEAKERS July 2003 – June 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continuing from prior Semester 2, 2003. LEADERS & SPEAKERS July 2003 – June 2013. Bryan Clayton Janet Clayton June Lynn Kath Hollins Lorna Clayton Elizabeth Long Rosemarie Zuther Joan Peters.

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Presentation Transcript

Bryan Clayton

Janet Clayton June Lynn Kath Hollins Lorna Clayton Elizabeth Long Rosemarie Zuther Joan Peters


Shirley McLeod Dorothea Ratcliffe Dorothy Johnson

John McGlinn

Pam Evans Pearl Hansson Julie Perrim Tom Ware Fay Lamont

Margaret Brown


Norma Cantrell Bev Cockburn

Dick Hayhoe

Ying Mei Zhang

LubitsaWolkova Julie BulkeleyRon Parnell Norma Fergusson


Mike Goodwin Georgie Tuck

Bill Tibben Lorraine Lowe

June Redmond Jo HenwoodBruce Hyland

Helen McGregor

Joan Vipond


Graham Andrews

Liz Nielson Georgene McNeill Rosemary McCulloch Fanny Espinosa

Dicky Hodge

Keith Manwaring Fergus Clooney

Ann Smith


Mary-Louise Slattery Sandra Lagermann Michelle Tubman

Wendy Farrugia

Beryl Kirkwood Barry Hanlon

Linda Leggott

Walter Wood

John Duranti


Melanie Rebane

Angelika Lange Liz Sobolewski Ute Trost

Jean Oliver

WynsomeClark John Samphier Isabel Halton Jim Quinn Nancy Buckney

Max Walters

Edwin Morris


Ian Keith

Annabel Jenkins Vera Petrini Philip Mallon

Margaret DwyerTrevor Moore John Venables Rod Byatt Patrick Dodd Lynda Ben-Menashe


Jon Hendrikse

Marie Donaldson

Martin Hanich David Wallace Richard Mills Jim Gray Bob Lipscombe Sean Lennon

Warren Doherty


Colin Smith


John McGlinn Lorna Clayton Mollie Smith Ken Smith Margaret Dowell Margaret Scott

Jim Dowell June Lynn Joyce Wallace

Shirley McLeod Dick Hayhoe Lorna Clayton


Senie O’Connell Jim ManserLubitsaWolkova

Ken Jones

Dorothy Johnson Mike Goodwin Norma Fergusson

June Keith Diana Pine


Ian Keith Ann Orel

Julie Bulkeley Colin SmithMaureen Clifton Maureen Simons Jim Grainda Elizabeth Woods

Ron Parnell