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Frank L ucas.

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Frank l ucas

Frank Lucas

A ,tough, stern kid by the name of Frank Lucas lived down the block from me,he stood 6’4 could barely fit through a door,and was always happy as can be. He played baseball, and he was o so good,he was better than everybody, forget going to college to get some more knowledgehe was going straight to the MLB.Everyone was so certain that Frank would be greatthe pressure he had was unfair, Frank always appeared as confident as ever, but deep down inside he was scared.He was scared to fail and let everyone down, and this jacked him up inside.There way many of long nights, where he would just lay in his bed and cried.When Frank finally caved and quite playing sports, everyone was in disbelief but he did, he folded under pressure, just like many athletes.

Don t rush it
Don’t rush it

I hated waking up in the morning for school,

But with the blink of an eye its over, and there are tears in mine.

I hated those football practices that were long and taxing,

But with a blink of an eye I was done with them, and there were tears in mine.

I hated having to share a room with my brother,

But in the blink of an eye I was in college all alone, with tears in my eyes.

I hated having to feed my dog everyday,

But In the blink of an eye I no longer had a dog, an there were tears in my eye

Though I disliked going through these events, I still cried when they were over.

I cried because though I had some tough times,

There were far more great times that outweighed them.

I hated waking up for school, but I loved being with my friends all day.

I hated practice, but God knows I loved them Friday night lights.

Don’t be so quick to rush through life,

All it makes you do is forget about all the good times you had.