Duty to god and scouting
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Duty To God and Scouting. Saturday October 17, 2009. Objectives of this class:. 1. Understand the role of the Aaronic Priesthood Duty to God achievement award. 2. Demonstrate how Duty to God program and Scouting can increase the opportunities for young men to develop a “spiritual identity.”

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Duty to god and scouting

Duty To God and Scouting

Saturday October 17, 2009

Objectives of this class
Objectives of this class:

1. Understand the role of the Aaronic Priesthood Duty to God achievement award.

2. Demonstrate how Duty to God program and Scouting can increase the opportunities for young men to develop a “spiritual identity.”

3. Consider the balance between program and the needs of the young men.

4. Provide tools/ideas/discussion to assist Bishops and Young Men leaders that will help the young men fulfill the requirements of Duty to God.

Purpose of the aaronic priesthood
Purpose of the Aaronic Priesthood

  • Become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live by its teachings.

  • Magnify priesthood callings and fulfill the responsibilities of his priesthood office.

  • Give meaningful service.

  • Prepare to receive the Melchizedeck Priesthood and temple ordinances.

  • Commit to, prepare for and serve an honorable mission.

  • Prepare to become a worthy husband and father.

Helping young men develop their spiritual identity
Helping young men develop their Spiritual Identity

  • In discussions with research and curriculum leaders at church headquarters:

    • Brethren talked in terms of “spiritual identity”

    • Definition of spiritual identity:

      • the ability to independently recognize the spiritual aspects of life, to apply a spiritual interpretation to one’s life and experiences.

    • Salt Lake focused on ensuring that YM programs help boys develop their own spiritual identity

    • Church research: well-run programs focus on three critical factors for spiritual identity:

Spiritual identity
Spiritual Identity

  • Are boys advancing in the Priesthood?

    • Active, attending meetings, participating in service and fulfilling priesthood responsibilities.

  • Are boys developing and demonstrating personal spiritual practices?

    • Scripture reading, personal prayer, meaningful service.

  • Are boys developing “mentor” relationships with their Priesthood leaders?

    • Unscripted spiritual conversations with leaders focused on the boys interests and timetables.

So why do we focus on scouting and duty to god programs1
So why do we focus on Scouting and Duty to God Programs?

If done right - Duty to God and Scouting create opportunitieswhere “spiritual identity” can be developed.


  • Reading the Book of Mormon,

  • Teaching FHE and Quorum,

  • Journal writing and Family History

  • Service projects, missionary work,

  • Meaningful activities with quorum members,

  • Challenged physically,

  • Having mentoring experiences with young men leaders

It s all priesthood
It’s all Priesthood

Not just a combination of programs – but principles.

What first presidency said
What First Presidency Said:

  • Young Men were:

  • “Called to make a difference in the world”

    • Provide service

    • Fulfill priesthood duties

    • Strengthen yourself

    • Responsibility to learn Heavenly Father’s will for you.

    • Preparation to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood

Guiding principles
Guiding Principles

It’s about the young men, not the program

The most important people of influence are the bishop,parents, and mentors

Duty to God should be integrated throughout the YM program and beyond

Recognize progress

A program approach
A “Program” Approach…

  • Has proven

    • Challenging

    • Frustrating

    • Less effective

      Possibly… because this approach is too “linear”

Duty to god and scouting

Duty to God as the

Central Focus

Duty to god as the central focus
Duty to God as theCentral Focus

Gail 4

Young Men’s Program as the

Central Focus

Gail #4

Helping boys achieve their spiritual identity
Helping boys achieve their “spiritual identity”

  • Seek revelation

  • Focus on the young man first

  • Let quorum leaders exercise their keys

  • Be flexible in your planning

  • Meet with and involve the parents

  • Action Plan for each YM based on his specific needs

  • Spend the time to create those testimony and mentoring opportunities

Involving bishoprics
Involving Bishoprics

YM President discuss Duty to God program during PPI with Bishop – how is it going?

Bishop discuss Duty to God with each young man during yearly interview – councilors to do the same in half-yearly interview.

Bishops take lead in recognition of DTG progress

Involving parents
Involving Parents

  • Visit family – young man and parents with quorum president and adviser to discuss Duty to God program

  • Invite parents to participate in activities and reviews

  • YM Secretary send progress reports to parents

  • Involve parents in recognition activities

Integrating duty to god
Integrating Duty to God

Presidency meetings – Young Men Leaders and Quorum

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

Bishops Youth Council (BYC)

Aaronic Priesthood Committee (APC)

Ward Council and Priesthood Executive Committee (PEC)

Train home teachers/fathers in priesthood meetings and 5th Sunday discussions

Bishop’s Sunday Evening Discussion (BSED)


Bishops take the lead

Quarterly milestones – or some “regular recognition”

Recognized in priesthood opening exercises (deacon and teacher) and sacrament meeting (final award)

Special activity for meeting milestones

Find a pattern that works for your ward

Recognition reminds and motivates

Duty to god tools resources
Duty to God Tools/Resources

lds.org –

Gospel Library – resource Materials

Duty to god discussion
Duty to God Discussion

  • What is working well in your quorum?

  • How do you involve parents and families?

  • How can you improve the Duty to God program in your quorum?

  • How do you recognize Duty to God progress?

  • How can we balance implementing the program with the needs of the young man?

  • Pick one thing to improve YM achieving “spiritual identity”