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Second IPC Workshop Geneva, February 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Second IPC Workshop Geneva, February 2010

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Second IPC Workshop Geneva, February 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second IPC Workshop Geneva, February 2010. New publication platform of the IPC on the internet. Patrick FIÉVET World Intellectual Property Organization. New IPC publication platform. Agenda:. Introduction: why a new platform?. Modified features. New Features- Search functionality.

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Presentation Transcript

Second IPC Workshop

Geneva, February 2010

New publication platform of the IPC on the internet

Patrick FIÉVET

World Intellectual Property Organization


New IPC publication platform


  • Introduction: why a new platform?
  • Modified features
  • New Features- Search functionality
  • Demonstration

Why a new platform?

User requirements:

  • Essential features were missing (search)
  • User feedback based on current platform
  • implementation of IPC CE 41 simplifications (discontinuation of levels)

Why a new platform?

IT governance:

  • The current platform is based on outdated technology and expensive to maintain
  • More control for WIPO on one of its IPC business critical applications

Modified features

Contextual accessibility features/IPC notions

  • top part: IPC notions (scheme, RCL,…)
  • Left part: IPC-notion-dependent options, search features
  • Definitions and illustrations are now independent windows (unlimited number)

Modified features

Display in the scheme:

  • Versions indicators in the scheme (e.g. G05G 5/03)
  • only the full IPC (i.e. discontinuation of Advanced level background) for all editions
  • Display range: limit data transfer to what users want to view

New features

More information:

  • Corrigendum(any concerned IPC notion)
  • IPC warnings in the scheme
  • Access to PDF subclasses

New features


  • Update of display on option select
  • transfer only data to be viewed
  • URL parameters for all IPC notions displayed
  • Improved accessibility

New features

Search functionalities:

  • Term search: scheme, definition, catchword
  • Cross reference search
  • Hyperlink to NLP search (TACSY) and to text categorization in the IPC (IPCCAT)

New feature: TERM SEARCH

For scheme, definition and catchword

  • Meta characters for queries “?”, “*”)
  • “PATH” option for the scheme
  • Include/exclude areas of the IPC
  • Results: Hyperlinks to concerned IPC places with highlighted term matches


For scheme, definition and catchword:

  • Return places of the IPC referencing a given symbol
  • Option: inclusion of subgroups in the search


Current status: Prototype for testing

  • URL:
  • IPC 2010.01 uploaded and presented as IPC 2011.01 will be.
  • Some IPC warnings updated
  • Performance and tuning in progress
  • Browsers version: IE7+, Firefox 2+ (better performance with Firefox 3)

New IPC publication platform

Future plans:

  • Will be used for IPC 2011.01 early publication: July 1, 2010
  • new IPCPUBPREP software package for download: Q2 2010
  • impact on SPLIT: Q2 2010
  • impact on IPCA6TRANS: Q3 2010

New IPC publication platform

Questions / Answers

contact WIPO at