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Drive-thru Tycoon. Ching Chun Kao (Kevin). Student #: 200122176. A conceptual game design by. Project Goal: To let the players have a sense of accomplishment by running his/her drive-thru restaurant. Drive-Thru Tycoon. - to engage the player to become a manager of a drive-thru restaurant

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Drive thru tycoon

Drive-thru Tycoon

Ching Chun Kao (Kevin)

Student #: 200122176

A conceptual game design by

Project Goal: To let the players have a sense of accomplishment

by running his/her drive-thru restaurant.

Drive thru tycoon1
Drive-Thru Tycoon

- to engage the player to become a manager of a drive-thru restaurant

- to let the player have an basic understanding of running a fictional restaurant

- to let the player understand the basic structure of supply and demand

- … and most importantly, to let the players have fun!

Persuasive Purpose

Drive thru tycoon2
Drive-Thru Tycoon

User Description

Casual gamers who have time to play a game that requires no more

than ten minutes per play on each level.

They are likely…

- age 13-40

- love simulation/tycoon genre

- comfortable at using the computer

Features functionality

Drive-Thru Tycoon

Features / Functionality

- players will have an initial budget (amount depend on the game level), where he/she must decide what kind of kitchen appliances that is in need of an upgrade at every game level

- the more upscale the appliances are, the faster the food are being produced by the chefs

  • the number of drive-thru customers will depend on the game level (high level will have more customers)

    - players will need to set salary level of the restaurant employees. This includes the chefs and the drive-thru staff

    - the higher their salary level, the faster the food are delivered to the customers

  • players will need to constantly direct the drive-thru staff to pick up food in the kitchen and drop off food at the respective drive-thru stand

    - as the game progresses, a number of variables will appear:

    - the number drive-thru stands will increase for the player to micro-manage

    - randomly generated “events” (e. g. a ton of customers will arrive at the player’s restaurant due to rush hour, fire in the kitchen that will destroy an appliance)

    - the player must satisfy an specific amount of budget in order to continue the game

Technical requirements

Drive-Thru Tycoon

Technical Requirements

The game will be developed through Flash.

Reasons are:

- flash is multi-platform (PC and Mac)

- flash player is free for download

- can be played immediately though the web (no installation)

- file size is small

- an old computer can run the game as long as the computer supports the latest version of Flash

- 2D artwork can be produced through flash

- …and most importantly, the game requires no game engine extensions

Justifications for design

Drive-Thru Tycoon

Justifications for Design

Persuasive Strategies

- should be able to complete the game given our short course timeframe and number of members per team

- should easily be programmable and develop

- simple game mechanic, yet effective game play (basically a series of point of click repetition)

- 2D artwork can be completed and revised in a number of days, instead of weeks (3D models)

- the game’s time and money management aspect appeal to casual gamers (both sexes)

- wide audience, as this game is playable on all computers that supports Flash player

- most importantly, this game is fun through player’s choices in order to run a successful, drive-thru restaurant

User testing

Drive-Thru Tycoon

User Testing

Tina, 20

  • the game seems confusing at first for the participant

  • may need to include a short tutorial to get the player up to speed

  • liked how each level only requires a short time to finish

  • big fan of simulation genre games


Drive-Thru Tycoon


- may be too complicated for the average user to play

- might get boring after two to three plays due to repetition

- does not reflect real-life restaurant management

- Flash games have a tendency to slow down computers, resulting the game unplayable

- too much variables and syncing on the programming side given the course timetable and amount of team members

Expansion what else is possible

Drive-Thru Tycoon

Expansion – What else is possible?

- mini-game: food ingredient maker

- each restaurant employee has his/her own specialized skills

- hiring new employees (chef and drive-thru attendants) given their skill levels

- each food ingredient used is deducted from the player’s budget

- able to own several drive-thru restaurant stores, making it a popular franchise

The next steps in the design process

Drive-Thru Tycoon

The Next Steps in the Design Process

- build paper prototype of Drive-Thru Tycoon

- usability studies

- get the team’s programmer inputs on the game mechanics (is it realistic or not)

The summary

Drive-Thru Tycoon

The Summary

- Drive-Thru Tycoon is based on the player running his/her own drive-thru restaurants by directing the staff, and by managing the cost of cooking appliances