government in ancient athens n.
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Government in Ancient Athens

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Government in Ancient Athens. Chapter 8, Section 2 TB 236-241 7th Social Studies Mrs. Coldiron. Ancient Greece. Birthplace of democracy Democracy means “rules of the people” However, Greece did not start as a democracy. Aristocrats Rule.

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government in ancient athens

Government in Ancient Athens

Chapter 8, Section 2

TB 236-241

7th Social Studies

Mrs. Coldiron

ancient greece
Ancient Greece
  • Birthplace of democracy
  • Democracy means “rules of the people”
  • However, Greece did not start as a democracy
aristocrats rule
Aristocrats Rule
  • In the beginning kings rules the government.
  • Aristocrats, rich landowners, took power.
  • Created an oligarchy, a government in which only a few people have power.
  • Oligarchy means “rule by a few”
  • Ran the cities economy, served as generals and judges.
  • A group of rebels tried to overthrow this government.
end to the aristocracy
End to the Aristocracy
  • They failed
  • Athens was ready to end the rule of the aristocracy.
the rise of the tyrants
The Rise of the Tyrants
  • Peisistratus overthrew the oligarchy to become ruler of Athens.
  • Peisistratus was a tyrant.
  • Brought peace and prosperity, created a strong army.
  • Peisistratus died leaving his son.
  • Aristocrats conveinced a rival city-state to attack Athens.
  • The Tyrants lost power
  • Aristocrats returned to power in Athens.
  • Gained power in Athens.
  • Member of the most powerful families in Athens
  • Didn’t want aristocrats to run the government.
  • Overthrew the aristocracy
  • Developed the world’s first democracy
  • Sometimes known as the father of democracy
democracy under cleisthenes
Democracy under Cleisthenes
  • All citizens in Athens had the right to participate in the assembly.
  • Every citizen had the right to speak his opinion.
  • Voting was done by a show of hands - sometimes however they would use secret ballots
changes in athenian democracy
Changes in Athenian Democracy
  • Citizens gained more power
  • Citizens served on juries (200-6,000)
  • Athens remained a democracy for 170 years.
end of democracy in athens
End of Democracy in Athens
  • Athens was conquered by the Macedonians from north of Greece.
  • Athens fell under Macedonian influence.
  • Powers of democracy were limited.
  • Athenians could still meet to make laws, but had to be careful not to upset the king.
  • A new king took over Greece and ended Athenian democracy forever.