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Modular Office

IMT designs & builds modular office wall partitions, glass partitions & office wall dividers since 2002 & specializes in architectural, demountable partitions. Visit: http://imtmodularwalls.com/

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Modular Office

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  1. MODULAR OFFICE Visit: http://imtmodularwalls.com/

  2. Why modular office furniture is desirable? • A great way to promote worker productivity in the workplace is by designing it using modular office furniture. Most business owners will want to invest in office interior furniture which looks both elegant and feels comfortable. The furniture must have an aesthetic appeal and it should look in sync with the overall décor and image of the company. • There are plenty of reasons to opt for modular office furniture, a primary one being budget. This kind of furniture is affordable and not exorbitant when you compare it with other quality furniture. However, despite the low price, its quality is superior. Secondly, you can buy piece of this kind of furniture and then mix them together. This allows you to customize your office décor so that it does not look boring and shabby. • Moreover, modular furniture at the workplace can use a lot of valuable space. You can use them to properly utilize every inch of available office space, something that regular office furniture does not allow. Finally, this option is cost-effective and quality wise, superior. There are many entrepreneurs who choose cheap furniture to keep their expenses low; however they often end up buying cheap quality furniture items. This means that this kind of furniture will have to be replaced from time to time.

  3. If you want Improve office productivity with office partitions? • Companies are always looking for an edge to increase profits and workplace productivity. Maybe it is the launch of a much hyped product line. Perhaps management has implemented a wellness plan, or even decided to completely renovate existing space to make it friendlier and more comfortable with new furniture, accessories, and modular office partitions. Hundreds of companies across Canada, North America, and other global markets have sought an edge to grow their business and have turned to the professionals Modular Partitions. • Improving workspace productivity takes a rare combination of leadership, resources, and the cooperation of everyone involved, from the president of the company to the newest mailroom hire. Companies that ultimately succeed have all of these going for them, but building the ideal workspace with office partitions requires a broader vision, a plan to merge all the disparate pieces into a cohesive platform on which to drive profits and growth. More information: http://imtmodularwalls.com/office-partitions/improving-office-productivity-with-office-partitions/

  4. About Us • IMT Modular Partitions inc. is a commercial interior construction company specializing in modular office wall partitions, providing complete modular office solutions such as demountable walls and doors, wall dividers, acoustic & architectural partitions as well as glass partition walls. IMT's modular office solutions are environmentally responsible with 94% of the raw materials used produced from partially recycled materials and with nearly 100% reusability.

  5. Modular Office Solutions • IMT is a north American leader of modular office partition walls offering complete solutions to companies wanting to design and build their office space to match today’s demand for style and function. • IMT’S solutions comprise of: • Glass Walls • Solid Walls • Doors • Accessories • Hardware


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