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SAI 430 course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.\n\n

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sai 430 week 1 quiz

SAI 430 Week 1 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

TCO 1 ­ The textbook does not consider which of the following an application integration solution for supporting strategic business initiatives in the future?

2. TCO1­ A logical assumption would be that systems participating in the application integration problem area can both produce and consume ____________.

3. TCO 1 ­ Which of the statements below describes the underlying theme of the text book as described by the author

sai 430 week 2 quiz

SAI 430 Week 2 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

1. TCO 1 ­A group of related tables is called a(n) ______________________ database.

2. TCO 1 ­ The Data Base Management System makes data management more ____________

3. TCO 2 ­ In a relationship, when a primary key from one table is also defined in a second table, the field is referred to as a ____________ in the second table

4. TCO 2 ­A relation ship is an association between

5. TCO 2 ­ If a foreign key contains either matching values or nulls, the table(s) that make use of such a foreign key is/are said to exhibit __________ integrity.

6. TCO 2 ­ A ___________ key is a key that is composed of more than one attribute

7. TCO 5 ­ The

sai 430 week 3 quiz

SAI 430 Week 3 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

1. TCO 2 ­ BPIOAI is the science and mechanism of managing the movement of data and the invocation of application services in the correct and proper order to support the management and execution of common ______________ that exist in and between organizations and internal applications

2. TCO 2 ­ According to the author of the text, a BPIOAI tool is just a ____________

3. TCO 2 ­Stating that" a process­ oriented standard created for the technology industry that defines a set of high­ level business process flows called Partner Interface Processes, which are exchanged and managed between trading partners" is a definition of which of the following standards?

4. TCO 2 ­Based

sai 430 week 4 quiz

SAI 430 Week 4 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

1. TCO 4 ­ The primary function of XSLT as a standard is to provide ______________

2. TCO 4 ­ Which of the following statements best describes the term XML enabling when referring to middleware?

3. TCO 4 ­ "A consortium of product vendors and end users that defines a framework for data and process interchange with e­ Business" is a description of which of the following?

4. TCO 4 ­ There are a lot of claims for what XML will do, but please discuss briefly what XML will not do as stated in both the lecture and the textbook

sai 430 week 5 quiz

SAI 430 Week 5 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

1. TCO 3 ­ WSDL (Web Service Description Language) is used to describe what businesses do and how to electronically access their services and is based on which of the following languages

2. TCO 3 ­Standards such as ebXML and Rosetta Net are considered which type of standards?

3. TCO 3 ­ SWIFT messaging serves all of the following markets except

4. TCO 3 ­ Describe why it is important to have and continue to promote standards

sai 430 week 6 quiz

SAI 430 Week 6 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

. TCO 8 ­Which of the following would not be considered one of the layers of a service­ oriented architecture?

2. TCO 8 ­ Which of the following statements expresses the author's view about what is new about portal­-oriented application integration?

3. TCO 8 ­Which of the following is not considered a disadvantage when considering porta­l-level application integration

sai 430 week 7 quiz

SAI 430 Week 7 Quiz

For more course tutorials visit is now

1. TCO 9 ­ The terms automic, consistent, isolated, and durable are properties of

2. TCO 9 ­Which of the following is not an expressed configuration that middleware can work in?

3. TCO 9 ­ There are ____ types of middleware models

4. TCO 9 ­Briefly discuss Database ­Oriented middleware and how it is used