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RES 728 course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.\n\n

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res 728 week 1 individual assignment qualitative design matrix

RES 728 Week 1 Individual Assignment Qualitative Design Matrix

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Compares case studies with 4 other qualitative types

Answers reflect philosophical differences between types

Answers reflect practical similarities and differences

Synthesis questions

res 728 week 2 individual assignment defining the boundaries of a case

RES 728 Week 2 Individual Assignment Defining the Boundaries of a Case

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Selects a clear case

Describes the boundaries or parameters of the inquiry (case), setting, and any subsets of the case

Explains the purpose for the inquiry focused on the boundaries

Describes what is not in the case e.g. outside of the boundaries

The paper develops a central

res 728 week 3 individual assignment research planning paper

RES 728 Week 3 Individual Assignment Research Planning Paper

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Discusses preliminary decisions that need to be made relative to types and sources of evidence

Describes sampling strategies to be used for each type or source of evidence

Describes strategies for choosing the most appropriate technology tools for data management and analysis

Discusses for each section above the criteria to make these decisions and advantages and disadvantages of each choice

by specific details, examples or analysis, and are organized logically. Major points are well researched

res 728 week 4 individual assignment interview questions

RES 728 Week 4 Individual Assignment Interview Questions

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment

Submits 2 critiques, final questions and rationale of 350-700 words

Rationale links to overall study questions

Rationale links to overall boundaries of the study

Rationale explains sequencing

res 728 week 5 individual assignment observation grid and assertions

RES 728 Week 5 Individual Assignment Observation Grid and Assertions

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Attaches the observation grid

Creates a set of assertions (claims)

Describes how observation data was analyzed to form assertions

Discusses trustworthiness

res 728 week 6 individual assignment interview transcript analysis

RES 728 Week 6 Individual Assignment Interview Transcript Analysis

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Identifies research question to guide analysis

Outlines steps to analyze interview data

Reports results of analysis

Analyzes objectivity of analysis

Analyzes assumptions

res 728 week 7 individual assignment document analysis paper

RES 728 Week 7 Individual Assignment Document Analysis Paper

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Describes construct, document set analyzed, and sampling method used

Describes steps and data analysis approach used

Discusses results of the analysis

Responds to reflection questions

What documents could

res 728 week 8 individual assignemnt ethical parameters

RES 728 Week 8 Individual Assignemnt Ethical Parameters

For more course tutorials visit is now

The assignment:

Describes potentially important ethical considerations

Discusses ethical dynamics of choice and definition of case along with theoretical framework

Discusses ethical dynamics of data collection and analysis of data including trustworthiness of conclusions

Considers implications of ethical dynamics for case as a whole, individual members of a case, for the field of inquiry and eventual audience

The paper develops