7 steps to making money through forex trading l.
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7 steps to making money through forex trading PowerPoint Presentation
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7 steps to making money through forex trading

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7 steps to making money through forex trading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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#1. Determine Your PersonalityTake a look at yourself and note your own personality traits. Don’t lie to yourself. Examine your strengths and your weaknesses, then match your personality to your trading This is perhaps the most important step of all. Get it wrong and you will pull out quickly.


#2. Learn The Basics Of ForexGet yourself familiar with all trading terms Leverage, Risk Management Basics, Stop Loss Basics, Lot Size, Moving Averages,Forex Quote, Currency Pairs and more…


#6. Ensure Have Enough “Risk Money” Cash is the fuel needed to start trading and without enough cash, your trading will be hampered by a lack of liquidity . But more important, cash is a cushion against losing trades.



Cash cannot come from sources that you need for other important events in your life, such as your savings plan for your children’s college education.



Cash in trading accounts is “risk” money. Also known as risk capital, this money is an amount that you can afford to lose without affecting your lifestyle.


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