what is solar energy n.
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What is solar energy? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is solar energy?

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What is solar energy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is solar energy?
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  1. What is solar energy? By: Jackie Aveiga and Jagger Barrett

  2. What is solar energy? Solar energy is basically heat, or denoting energy derived from the sun rays to make energy. Also it is energy from the sun which is converted into thermal or electrical energy.

  3. Is it renewable or non-renewable? It is renewable because the sun’s energy is renewable.

  4. Where is it located?/How do we recover it? It is located from the sun by solar panels. The solar panels retrieve the sun’s rays causing it to make energy.

  5. Ways we turn solar into energy We turn it into energy by solar panels. When the sun hits the panels it goes into an inverter, then to a network meter, then to the grids, and finally it goes to your house appliances.

  6. Who uses this energy? Everybody uses energy for crops, to dry our clothes, and it heats up our land and water.

  7. Interesting facts about solar energy -The sun can provide enough energy in one minute to supply earths energy for one year -Solar power history dates back to at least 700 BC when they used the suns rays to make fire with magnifying glasses. -Solar panels which are also known as photovoltaic panels are mainly composed of silicon.

  8. Why this is the best source of energy This source of energy is very important to humans because without it we would spend more money on oil and fossil fuels. Also we would not have warmth without the sun. Also it’s a big savings for families because these solar panels remove 1,300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over their life, which is equivalent to planting 30,000 trees.

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