incident investigations l.
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Incident Investigations

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Incident Investigations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incident Investigations.

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incident investigations

Incident Investigations

Disclaimer: These safety materials, resources and PowerPoint® presentations are not intended to replace your company's health and safety policies or to substitute for specific state and federal standards. We do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the material contained within these resources. Please refer to applicable state and federal standards for regulatory compliance.

investigation types
Investigation Types
  • Near miss
  • Injury / Illness
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Spill or release
basic steps
Basic Steps
  • Get care for injured worker
  • Control media access
  • Secure and isolate the scene
  • Preserve the scene
  • Control hazardous conditions
  • Make drawings, and take many pictures
basic steps4
Basic Steps
  • Call EMS
  • Call regulatory entities as appropriate
  • Call insurance carrier
  • Call additional contacts on your company notification list
start investigation
Start Investigation
  • Delegate one person to lead the investigation
    • Establish a strategy before beginning
    • Keep information confidential
  • Gather evidence
start investigation6
Start Investigation
  • List ambient conditions
  • Identify and interview employees as soon as possible
    • Get facts, not opinions
investigation kit
Investigation Kit
  • Incident forms
  • Witness cards
  • Instruction sheet
  • Disposable camera
  • Half-page clip board
  • Pen
analyze and process data
Analyze and Process Data
  • Determine root causes
  • Reference applicable Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Make recommendations
  • Assign corrective / preventive actions
analyze and process data9
Analyze and Process Data
  • Prepare report
  • Communicate results and follow-up
  • Establish management accountability for the investigation process
quiz all questions true or false11

Q: Basic steps for incident investigation can include securing and isolating the scene, preserving the scene and controlling hazardous conditions.

A: True

QuizAll Questions True or False

quiz all questions true or false13

Q: Referencing an applicable Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is not important to analyzing and processing data for the incident investigation.

.A: False

QuizAll Questions True or False

incident investigation resources
Incident Investigation- Resources
  • Conducting an Accident Investigation – online course module
  • Preserving an accident scene
    • AccidentScene.ppt
lower incidents


No one gets hurt at work through LOWER* incidents.

*(Limiting Oilfield Workers' Exposures and Risks)

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