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COST C21 Swiss projects (proposals) PowerPoint Presentation
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COST C21 Swiss projects (proposals)

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COST C21 Swiss projects (proposals) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COST C21 Swiss projects (proposals). University of Zurich - R. Weibel Swiss Polytechnic School, Lausanne - F. Golay CRAAL, Lausanne - P. Pellegrino University of Geneva - C. Metral & G. Falquet. Providing Enriched Spatial Data.

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Presentation Transcript
cost c21 swiss projects proposals

COST C21Swiss projects (proposals)

University of Zurich - R. Weibel

Swiss Polytechnic School, Lausanne - F. Golay

CRAAL, Lausanne - P. Pellegrino

University of Geneva - C. Metral & G. Falquet

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 1

providing enriched spatial data

Providing Enriched Spatial Data

Ontology-driven Recognition of Urban Structures from Spatial Databases (ORUS)Prof. R. Weibel – University of Zurich - Switzerland

Main objective = data enrichment

Make the semantic information implicitly contained in spatial databases become explicit, using ontology-driven automated urban pattern recognition procedures

Contribution to COST Action C21

Uses ontologies developed by other projects as a basis for the definition of data enrichment methods and feeds back enriched data to other projects

Contributes to the scale-specific definition of ontological concepts

Maps the concepts defined in urban ontologies to actual data objects in real-life databases

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 2


Internal enrichment

(structure analysis, pattern recognition)







enriched data

Existing spatial



External enrichment

(matching, data integration)




Project ORUS


Evaluation of data enrichment

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 3

integrating urban knowledge into 3d city models
Integrating Urban Knowledge into 3D City Models

G. Falquet and C. Métral University of Geneva

Main objectives

Representation and integration of non geometric urban knowledge into urban 3D models

Geometric representation for abstract concepts (e.g. city plans) of urban ontologies

Specification language for the 3D visualization of urban concepts and their relationships

Case study: ontologies developed by other projects

Interaction with other projects

Ontology design and management: evaluation of specific needs

Infrastructure to store and manage ontologies

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 4


Project IUK3D

3D city model

3D representation of urban concepts

Ontology-based representation of non-geometric knowledge


Test with different categories of users

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 5

winds concept
WINDS Concept
  • Pierre Pellegrino
  • CRAAL - Lausanne
  • Integrate course terminologies developed in the WINDS European virtual campus
  • Build a reference ontology for students in architecture and urban planning
  • Integrate architectural concepts into urban planning
  • Articulate spatial, topological and geometric dimensions with argumentative, logical, and semiotic dimensions of the urban project

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 6

an ontology of morphological urban processes
An Ontology of Morphological Urban Processes
  • F. Golay
  • EPFL - Lausanne
  • Definition of several ontologies
  • urban form (morphology)
  • event
  • scale
  • morphological process
  • Toward an automated recognition of urban transformations
  • from GIS data

COST C21 - Lyon - 2005 -- 7