Gold is discovered the california gold rush begins
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Gold is Discovered: The California Gold Rush Begins

Karrie Y. Cox

EdTech 541

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News Flash!!!

Gold has been discovered in California!

Who discovered the gold?

Why wouldn’t you want any to know about your finding?

Where’s the Gold?

How it started l.jpg

How it Started?

Gold Rush Overview

The allure of gold was like a magnet pulling people to California.

Famous people of the california gold rush l.jpg
Famous People of the California Gold Rush

Research these famous people of the California Gold Rush.

Ready for the Test

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Sam Brannan

  • Bought all mining tools in area

  • Announced gold was found

  • Made a fortune selling tools, then other necessities, to miners

  • Became a millionaire

Who is Sam Brannan

Explore the life of Sam Brannan

Sam Brannan, you’ve never heard of

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Who is John Sutter?

  • Envisioned an agricultural empire near the American River

  • Wanted discovery of gold kept secret

  • Never did appreciate the opportunities of the Gold Rush, and left California penniless

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Explore the life of John Sutter

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Mark Twain

  • Born Samuel Clemens

  • Headed West for the Gold Rush

  • Became a famous writer of his experiences

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Samuel Clemens

Explore the lifeof Samuel Clemens

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Henry Wells and William Fargo

  • Decided to profit from Gold Rush by providing services to miners

  • Created Wells, Fargo & Co. for banking, mail, and stage coach services

  • Generated tremendous wealth as entrepreneurs

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Who is Henry Wells

Who is William Fargo

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Levi Strauss

  • Ran a successful dry-goods store

  • Patented canvas pants with riveted pockets

  • Now called Levis

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Who is Levi Strauss

Explore the life of Levi Strauss

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Lotta Crabtree

  • Began acting on stages at age 6

  • Made lots of money entertaining miners

  • Later traveled the world

Who is Lotta Crabtree

Nevada County Gold

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Nellie Chapman

  • Married a dentist and studied dentistry from him.

  • Later practiced as a dentist with her own patients.

  • She also wrote and composed: a talented lady!

Who is Nellie Chapman

Nevada County Gold

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Eliza Farnham

  • As a young widow, she was matron of Sing Sing prison.

  • Believed women would “civilize” the miners

  • Advocated social reforms.

Unsettling the West

Who is Elizabeth Farnham

Slide13 l.jpg

Georgiana Kirby

  • A pioneer of Santa Cruz during the Gold Rush

  • Advocated education, freedom, and equal rights for all

  • Has a private school named for her

Who is Georgiana Kirby

More on Georgiana Kirby

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Listen to the words of Georgiana Kirby

Unsettling the West

Slide14 l.jpg

James Marshall

  • Discovered gold pebbles while building Sutter’s Mill

  • Feared the effects of potential prospectors, who eventually forced him off his land

  • Also died nearly penniless

Who is James Marshall?

James Marshall: California's Gold Discoverer

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James Wilson Marshall

The Gold Rush Chronicles

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People of the California Gold Rush Quiz

Click on each of the following items and answer the question.





End Quiz



Women of the Gold Rush

Slide16 l.jpg

Where was John Sutter Born?

Kandern, Baden, Germany

Rünenberg in Switzerland

New York City

San Francisco, California

Slide18 l.jpg

Who discovered gold pebbles while building Sutter’s Mill?

John Sutter

Levi Strauss

Henry Wells

James Marshall

Slide20 l.jpg

Lotta Crabtree was?

An entertainer

A Dentist

Taught women to read

Advocated for equal rights

Slide23 l.jpg

Elizabeth Farnham was?

An entertainer

A Dentist

Taught women to read

Advocated for equal rights

Slide26 l.jpg

Nellie Chapman was?

An entertainer

A Dentist

Taught women to read

Advocated for equal rights

Slide29 l.jpg

Georgina Kirby was?

An entertainer

A Dentist

Taught women to read

Advocated for equal rights

Slide32 l.jpg

Sam Brannan didn’t/wasn’t …….?

Panned for gold

Lived in Mexico

Was a Moron

On a police force

Slide34 l.jpg

William Fargo didn’t/wasn’t …….?

Panned for gold

Organize the American Express

Organized the Wells Fargo & Company

Was the Mayor of Buffalo, New York

Slide36 l.jpg

Mark Twain didn’t/wasn’t…….?

Was a novelist

A journalist for the Sacramento Post

Was in the Confederate Army

Worked in a print shop

Slide38 l.jpg

Levi Strauss …….?

Panned for gold

Born in Sacramento California

Owned a business

Had two brothers

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