the eco friendly opportunity is huge n.
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The Eco-friendly Opportunity is Huge

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The Eco-friendly Opportunity is Huge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Eco-friendly Opportunity is Huge . russell davies:

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the eco friendly opportunity is huge
The Eco-friendly Opportunity is Huge

russell davies:

You’ve clearly benefited from having access to Mintel. So well done for getting hold of it. And you’ve done a smart and effective summary of the Mintel. (Those little footnotes/sources do really lend some authority.) But once you’ve finished summarising the situation you seem to run out of steam. There’s only one page with your thoughts, ideas, recommendations. And those thoughts aren’t that surprising / interesting given what the Mintel says. So I guess this feels like half a job done very well, but there’s not as much original thought as I’d hoped for.

80% of US adults are purchasing Green products* at least some of the time

  • What’s the attraction?
    • Pollution and other toxins raise concerns
    • Increased awareness of environmental issues
    • Good for me, good for the planet
    • Green is hip
  • *Defined as goods that minimize the impact to the environment in one or more ways
  • Source:
  • Mintel, Green Living, 9/2006
  • Mintel, American Living, 1/2007
trial high commitment low
Trial High; Commitment Low

Only 12% of US adults say they buy

Green products regularly, while 68% are buying them sometimes

  • What’s the problem?
    • Lack of labeling rules leads to confusion
    • High Price
    • Limited Availability
  • Source:
  • Mintel, Green Living, 9/2006
the green cleaning category lags behind
The Green Cleaning Category Lags Behind

Household cleaning products account for about 15% of mainstream supermarket sales, but only 1% in the natural channel.

  • Why?
    • Lack of awareness as to how Green cleaners can help the environment
    • Belief that using Green to clean means sacrificing efficacy
    • Narrow range of brand/product choices
  • Source:
  • Mintel, Green Living, 9/2006
who is buying green
Who is Buying Green?
  • Trial Consumers:Willing to try, but tend to stick to natural foods. Open to the idea of doing more but it’s not a priority.
  • Occasional Consumers:Have integrated a few Green products into their lives, usually consumables.
  • Regular Consumers:Take action to make Green a part of their lives, yet remain primarily in the food/beverage categories.
  • Committed Consumers:Dedicated to a Green lifestyle, for the good of themselves as well as the world around them. Using Green products from all categories, including household cleaners and laundry.
  • Source:
  • Mintel, Natural Products
  • Marketplace Review, 11/2004
fewer households greater volume
Fewer Households = Greater Volume

As eco-friendly household cleaners & laundry products continue to emerge, Regular and Committed users will offer the biggest opportunity for growth.

Source: Mintel, Natural Products Marketplace Review, 11/2004

brands begin to respond
Brands Begin to Respond

A Green corporate image is a profitable one

  • What’s in it for them?
    • Perceived “moral equity”
    • Consumers paying more attention to corporate values
  • Examples:
    • GE, Ecomagination
    • Walmart, Eco-friendly commitment
    • Toyota, Prius
the competition
The Competition

Dedicated Brands

Green brands that have always existed to offer eco-friendly alternatives

Primary focus is eco-friendly; efficacy perceived as secondary

Limited selection of readily available Dedicated brands and products

the competition1
The Competition

Dabbler Brands

Mega-brands that are seizing on the Green trend and adding eco-friendly variants

Primary focus remains efficacy, with nod to specific eco-friendly benefits

Skepticism exists as to true dedication to Green values

the opportunity
The Opportunity

A new Dedicated brand has the biggest opportunity for growth in the Green segment

  • Target Regular and Committed Green consumers
    • Penetration still low; even among Committed, only 8% regularly using green cleaning/laundry products
    • Room exists to add to selection of brands that share their Green values
  • Differentiate by directly addressing perception of lack of efficacy in eco-friendly products