welcome meyers 4 th grade a n e s t t classroom n.
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Welcome Meyers—4 th Grade a N.E.S.T.T. Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Meyers—4 th Grade a N.E.S.T.T. Classroom

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Welcome Meyers—4 th Grade a N.E.S.T.T. Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Meyers—4 th Grade a N.E.S.T.T. Classroom. Our Classroom. Supplies 2” 3 ring binder Labels: Reading/Vocabulary , Spelling, Writing, Math Agenda 3 Journals SHARPENED pencils-DAILY Scissors Glue sticks X2 Color Pencils OR Crayons School Uniforms/Patches NESTT

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Presentation Transcript
our classroom
Our Classroom


  • 2” 3 ring binder
  • Labels: Reading/Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Math
  • Agenda
  • 3Journals
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks X2
  • Color Pencils OR Crayons
  • School Uniforms/Patches


  • 2” 3 Ring binder
  • Large white T-shirt
  • 50-100 page protectors

Absences and Tardiness

  • Students will be picked up by 8:25
  • Class BEGINS at 8:35
  • Excused absences need a note within 3 days of absences
  • After 5 absences, a doctor’s note is needed

If your child is not in school, learning can not take place. Your child’s academic grades will begin to suffer.

our classroom1
Our Classroom

Home Learning

Reading Log and Multiplication facts, nightly

All home learning is due the following day unless stated otherwise

An “X” will be given for missing home learning

Students may turn in the missing work and I will change the X

2 or more missing home learning assignments, student will complete before the NESTT activity during the allotted NESTT block

Home learning will affect students EFFORT grade and ACADEMIC grade

Review home learning with your child



Forms of communication include, a written note in the agenda, phone message with the office, or e-mail (this is the best form) mmeyers@dadeschools.net

I will respond within a timely manner, usually within the day, yet 48 hrs in some circumstances

My forms of communication are as follows: a note home, a phone call, or e-mail. If you would like me to e-mail, please leave your information

our classroom classroom management
Our ClassroomClassroom Management



  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Honest
  • Be Kind
  • Be Your Best


  • No Home Learning Pass
  • Lunch with Teacher
  • Treat Basket


  • Verbal Warning
  • Change card, B-2nd warning
  • Change card, C-Silent lunch/Note home
  • Change card, D-Note Home/Scam/Office Visit

Students are responsible for writing their conduct for the day in their agenda

  • 4th grade is the first year students are tested in writing
  • Students must be able to write on topics related to a written passage, aka, written response, or prompt given.
  • Students must answer a question related to the topic read and respond with an opinion based response or informational based response. The responses must be backed analytically, with proof from the text.
  • Response to a narrative will also be ongoing throughout the year. This will tell of a real or imaginary experience or event which focuses on the main story elements.


fla reading
  • The Common Core Reading curriculum, which is higher order thinking and reasoning using smaller more complex texts
  • Regular practice-complex text & academic language
  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking grounded in evidence from text
  • Build knowledge through content-rich text
  • Different writing genres
  • Students MUST show proof of their answers found within the text (detectives)
fla math
FLA Math
  • Common Core Math will be taught this year, which again, is higher order reasoning skills using written responses. (EXPLAIN in writing how you reach an answer, EXPLAIN in writing why an answer is wrong, etc.)
  • Deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Builds habits of mind of productive mathematical thinkers
  • Real-world applications
  • Modeling with pictures technology, graphs, manipulatives
n e s t t nurturing environmental stewarts of today and tomorrow
N.E.S.T.T.-Nurturing Environmental Stewarts of Today and Tomorrow

This Program is a supplemental program designed to enhance student learning through hands-on investigation, observation, and discoveries.

Students participate in weekly discussions, and weekly hands-on investigations at Deering Estate (Thursdays) with the Deering Estate educational staff

Students must FIRST complete classroom work before participating in the supplemental activities!!

n e s t t



n e s t t1

Collaborative Investigation

Cellular Biology

n e s t t2