Kidney disease treatment
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Karma Ayurveda is actively engaged in research based Ayurvedic medicines for kidney, as a result of which kidney cells gets rejuvenated with time and providing you a new life with a revived kidneys. So, find the best kidney treatment by our experts at Karma Ayurveda.\n\n\nWe provide following features:\nOur treatment focus on\nR - RENAL TISSUE REPAIR\nE –ELECTOLYTE IMBALNCE MANAGEMENT\nU – SERUM UREA MANAGEMENT\nC – SERUM CREATNINE MANAGEMENT\n\nFurther our treatment works on-\n1 treating damaged kidney\n2 treating body tissue (dhatus)\n3 treating known cause\n\nAs a result of which\n1 kidney damage partly or fully revesed\n2 dialysis frequence is reduced\n3 reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases \n\nVisit for more info:\nWebsite:\nSkype: drkarmaayurveda\nEmail: [email protected]\nG-20 N.D.M.-1\nOPPOSITE NIMS \nNETAJI SUBHASH PALACE \nPITAMPURA\nDELHI\nPIN- 110034\nPH: 011-2777-2777,011-42644274\n9871712050\n

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Kidney disease treatment

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

The kidneys are two organs located in your midsection on either side of your spine in the middle of your back, just above the waist. They clean your blood, keep the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and help control blood pressure.

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Kidney disease treatment1

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

The When your kidneys are damaged, waste products and fluid can build up in your body, causing swelling in your ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. If you don't treat them, diseased kidneys may eventually stop working completely.

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Kidney disease treatment2

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by a gradual loss of kidney function over time. To read more about kidney function, CKD is also known as chronic renal disease.

Common Kidney failure Type:-

Acute kidney failure

Body fluids can rise to dangerous levels when kidneys lose their filtering ability. The condition will also cause electrolytes and waste material to accumulate in your body, which can also be life-threatening. Acute kidney failure is also called acute kidney injury or acute renal failure.

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Kidney disease treatment3

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

The What Causes Acute Kidney Injury?

Doctors call the sudden loss of kidney function "acute kidney injury" or "acute renal failure" (ARF). It has three main causes:

Lack of blood flow to the kidneys

Direct damage to the kidneys themselves

Urine backed up in the kidneys

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Kidney disease treatment4

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

Kidneys that don't work well for longer than 3 months is called chronic kidney disease (CKD). It's dangerous, because you may not have any symptoms until a lot of damage, that often can't be repaired, has happened.

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Kidney disease treatment5

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

Maintain a balance of water and minerals, such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, in your blood

Remove waste by-products from your blood after digestion, muscle activity, and exposure to chemicals or medications

Make renin, an enzyme that helps regulate blood pressure

Make erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production

Make an active form of vitamin D, needed for bone health

The Healthy Kidneys:

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Kidney disease treatment6

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

The At karma Ayurveda we have a very effective Ayurvedic treatment that can reduces swelling and rejuvenates the kidney. Dr Puneet Dhawan also provides natural remedies for kidney disease for those patients who have started the dialysis.

Ayurveda explains many herbal for kidney failure treatment because of there is no satisfactory kidney treatment in allopathic science other than dialysis and kidney transplant, Therefore, instead of giving chemical load to the kidneys must be cured with the help of Karma Ayurveda. Karma ayurveda, established in 1937 is a part of india’s premier ayurvedic pharmaceutical company under the supervision of Dr Puneet Dhawan developed an ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure.

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Kidney disease treatment7

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

  • The Recommend you excellent treatment on the basis of your overall illness conditions.

  • Provide the global latest news and information about drugs, treatments and some other remarkable findings and studies on Kidney Disease.

  • Provide free professional advices via online or other approaches like email, phone.

  • Offer a systemic introduction of different types of Kidney Disease including causes, diagnosis, treatment, common knowledge, etc.

  • We can help the patients to take their Kidney Disease towards cure and help them live a normal life

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Kidney disease treatment8

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment

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Kidney disease treatment9

Karma Ayurveda

Kidney Disease Treatment 011-47772777 9871712050