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Wayne Thiebaud

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Wayne Thiebaud
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Wayne Thiebaud

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  1. Wayne Thiebaud Alex D., Julian, Maddie, Camille, and Marty

  2. Questions To The Artist 1.Is there a specific reason why you always paint different types of food? 2.Why whenever you painted landscapes they are always steep upwards or downwards? 3.What inspired you to become an artist? 4.When did you create your first painting? 5.When did you first start painting? 6.What was your first painting 7.Did you like to paint or draw as a child? 8.Were any of your relatives artists, and if so is that what inspired you to be an artist? 9.When you paint do you ever have a meaning to your paintings? 10. When is your actual birthday?

  3. Quotes “ I am a believer in the notion that artist who do good work believe in the idea of extremes.” “As far as I’m concerned, there is only one study and that is the way in which things relate to one another.” “Art is not delivered like the morning paper; it has to be stolen from Mount Olympus.”

  4. Information about Wayne Thiebaud Wayne Thiebaud was born on November 15 or 23, 1920. Wayne was born in Mesa, Arizona. He is American. Wayne Thiebaud is famous for his paintings of cakes, pastries, toys, and lipstick. When Wayne was young, he worked in the food industry and worked at diners.

  5. Three Strawberry MilkshakesImage Discussion Julian thinks that this picture shows what a milkshake looks like. And he thinks that it’s very original because it is a strawberry milkshake and in old movies they usually have strawberry milkshakes. Camille thinks the picture expresses the simplicity of the shakes, because the painter painted it very simple. She also thinks the painter painted the milkshakes in a whimsical way! Alex D. thinks that the three milkshakes look delicious and also thought that they symbolized something of the painters childhood. Maddie thinks that this picture is about the painter going to buy milkshakes for him and his two other friends. I think the three flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I think this because I think all of his friends are different from each other.