nthmp annual meeting feb 1 2011 itic partner briefing n.
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NTHMP Annual Meeting Feb 1, 2011 ITIC Partner Briefing

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NTHMP Annual Meeting Feb 1, 2011 ITIC Partner Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NTHMP Annual Meeting Feb 1, 2011 ITIC Partner Briefing. Presentation Outline. TsunamiTeacher USA update USDHS FEMA NDPTC Certified Tsunami Courses update Training and Technical Assistance: American Samoa, Guam, CNMI LANTEX10 East Coast

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • TsunamiTeacher USA update
  • USDHS FEMA NDPTC Certified Tsunami Courses update
  • Training and Technical Assistance: American Samoa, Guam, CNMI LANTEX10 East Coast
  • New / Revised Tsunami Awareness Materials and Products
  • FY11 NTHMP Proposal
accredited tsunami courses usdhs fema national disaster preparedness center
Accredited Tsunami Courses – USDHS FEMANational Disaster Preparedness Center
  • FY10 NOAA Funding ($5K, ITIC staff resources in-kind + SeismicReady (G. Crawford) + NOAA PMEL (N. Arcos))
  • Issue and Challenge
    • Minimal sustained US training available on tsunami awareness to disaster response agencies with continual staff turnover.
  • AWR-217 Tsunami Awareness (1-day, instructor-led)
    • Certified (December, 2010)
    • Target: Professionals with tsunami responsibility (govt, non-govt, private sector, response, planning, communities)
    • For delivery, contact NDPTC (Karl Kim, U/Hawaii, karlk@hawaii.edu)
  • What's next? request NTHMP feedback - consultation
    • Tsunami Awareness (1-day, web-based)

ITIC identifying of pool of qualified instructors for certification

    • Managing Tsunami Risk (0.5-day for managers) ?
    • Conducting Tsunami Exercises (2-day for practitioners) ?


Course Topics

  • Hazard Assessment
      • What is a tsunami
      • What is the tsunami hazard to a community
  • Warning
      • What are tsunami warnings
      • How do they reach communities
  • Preparedness & Mitigation
    • How to reduce a tsunami’s impact on a community
  • Responding to Local & Distant Tsunamis
      • How to respond effectively to save lives
      • Why is response different for local vs distant tsunamis
    • Module Learning Activities apply knowledge learned to real-world tsunami scenario (LANTEX /PACIFEX)
tsunamiteacher usa

TsunamiTeacher USA

A joint project of

National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

International Tsunami Information Center


TsunamiTeacher (international)

  • WHAT: Consolidated Resource/Training Toolkit
    • New, existing materials
    • Reliable, verified
    • Training modules
    • Web, offline tool
  • WHY: Enable stakeholders to:
    • Share existing body of
    • research / good practice
    • Choose, Adapt materials
    • Build awareness
    • Develop local responses
    • for saving lives,
    • mitigating impacts


  • Media, Education Systems
  • Public (govt) / Private Sector
    • School curricula
    • Teacher guides, Classroom support materials
    • Science, History, Events
    • Disaster reduction / Risk management
    • Legislative Frameworks
    • Warning Systems
    • Existing, developing new systems
    • Mitigation: Preparedness, Alerting, Hazard Risk,
    • Environmental/engineering, businesses, outreach
american samoa guam cnmi outreach and tsunamiteacher usa
American Samoa, Guam, CNMI Outreach and TsunamiTeacher USA
  • FY10 NHTMP Funding ($191K total; TsunamiTeacher ~$80K)
  • Description: Develop USTT Yr 1 (compile, recommend, design). USTT will pull together wealth of US products into 1 resource / toolkit; USTT will develop new products to fill gaps
  • Accomplishments – TsunamiTeacher USA:
    • Handouts: Assessment, Updates, General Public prototype
    • Assessment Report:
      • Reviewed/identified US updates to intl TsunamiTeacher
      • Identified General Public as US-needed target audience
      • Adopt guidance from NRC Report Public Education (Ch 3)
      • Created 1 prototype for General Public module (Tsunami Basics)
    • USTT to complement Trainings/Outreach
  • Issues
    • Completion of USTT depends on NTHMP funding
    • Continual training and coordination needs in Pacific islands
us national education training programs
US National Education/Training Programs
  • Professional development trainings to U.S. audiences exist. Target professionals and volunteers. Examples:
    • NDPTC Tsunami Awareness Course
    • COMET’s Tsunami Warning System module
    • Washington State Emergency Management Division’s Tsunami Train-the-Trainer Course
  • Identified Gap
    • National product: consistent / concise mg to general public
    • Use evidence-based approaches (Ch 3, NRC report), e.g. General Public Module - limit technical jargon, clear and concise, core action messages, portable format delivery
    • Also provide avenue to educate federal/state/local leadership in time sensitive jobs, e.g., when only limited time to convey essential info

TsunamiTeacher USA Recommendations

  • Audience: General Public (6-12th grade education level)
  • Delivery: Fully narrated, with key risk info for effective response
  • Features: Simple, visual, fast-moving.

Short and concise (5-10 minutes)

  • Special Needs: Hearing impaired, sight-impaired, Non-English speaking …
  • Modes of Delivery – Formats:
    • Visual, Self-contained delivery
    • Traditional and Mobile delivery (general public’s increasing capacity to access Internet content via mobile devices). Social Networking networks

Offline: downloadable in several formats (for DVD player, computer, online, iPhone/Droid, etc)

Online viewing (through web, flash, uTube, etc)

next step create tsunamiteacher usa
Next Step: Create TsunamiTeacher USA
  • Update and improve Current Modules to include US best practices – Media, Schools, Public (Govt, Non-Govt) and Private Sector
  • Create General Public Module (6th-12th grade education level)
    • ID Topics (Tsunami & Earthquake) to include: request NTHMP input
    • Where possible, use existing products and materials
    • Regionalization? (HI & Pacific Islands, AK & West Coast, Atlantic & Gulf)
  • Potential topics are:
    • Tsunami:

Tsunami Basics, Tsunami Science, Warnings, Evacuation, Exercises, Boats / Harbors

    • Earthquake:

Earthquake Basics, Earthquake Science, Monitoring/Locating/Sizing, Prediction

    • Earthquake and Tsunami Risk (regionalized)
    • All-Hazards and General Preparedness

When Disaster Strikes are you prepared

What can businesses do to prepare for tsunamis and earthquakes?

How do physically-disabled persons prepare for tsunamis and earthquakes?

american samoa guam cnmi outreach tsunamiteacher usa
American Samoa, Guam, CNMI Outreach TsunamiTeacher USA
  • FY10 NHTMP Funding ($191K total; TsunamiTeacher ~$80K)
  • Description: Conduct tsunami outreach and capacity building; Develop US TsunamiTeacher Yr 1 (compile, recommend, design)
  • Accomplishments - Outreach:
    • 4 training trips to American Samoa
    • 1 to Guam, 1 to CNMI
    • 6 1-day Tsunami Awareness for stakeholders with response responsibility (NDPTC course)
    • Conduct Action-Action Review of 29 Sept with DHS/NWS Pago Pago
    • CISN and Tide Tool installed on operations computers; awareness materials provided;
  • Issues
    • Continued Outreach depends on NTHMP funding
    • Continual training and coordination needs in Pacific islands
lantex 10 outreach
LANTEX 10 Outreach
  • FY10 NTHMP Funding (WC/ATWC and ITIC ($2K))
  • Description:

Conduct tsunami outreach to East Coast WFOs, EM agencies, first responders, port authorities, scientific and engineering agencies prior to LANTEX 2010

  • Accomplishments:
    • 7 x 1-Day briefings from Maine to North Carolina in collaboration with WC/ATWC.
    • Built basic awareness of historic tsunamis that have impacted East Coast, identified potential future tsunami source regions and models, understanding of WC/ATWC products, development of emergency response plans and mitigation strategies.
  • Issues
    • Continual challenge to elevate East coast tsunami awareness and planning.
tsunami awareness materials publication and printing
Tsunami Awareness Materials – publication and printing
  • FY10 NOAA Funding ($82K) and International Funding ($8K)
  • Description: Update existing and develop new awareness products; Duplicate materials
  • Printing Accomplishments
  • Existing Materials: Tsunami Warning! Cartoon Book [20K], Surviving Tsunamis (1960 Chile) [40K], Tsunami Great Waves [75K], Tsunami Glossary [25K]
  • New Materials: Earthquakes / Tsunami / Volcanic Eruptions posters [2K per set], Tsunami icosohedron globe maps [50K], Where the First Wave Arrives in Minutes (2004, 2006 Indonesia) [40K]; Tonga Tsunami Survivor Stories (partial); pens/pencils/clips/stickers
  • New Materials Distributed to various NTHMP states and territories
  • Issues
    • Additional funds needed for new materials and for mailing from Hawaii to customers
itic ngdc collaboration
ITIC – NGDC Collaboration
  • FY10 NOAA Funding ($8K for ITIC)
  • Description: Collaborate to improve tsunami historical database (quality and usefulness)
  • Accomplishment
    • TsuDig standalone GIS tsunami database tool (v1.1)
    • 3 posters (Tsunami, EQ, Volcano)
    • Tsunami Sources - Icosohedron
    • IOC Post-Tsunami Field Survey Guide revision (data archiving process); ITIC archives digitization (start)
  • Issues
    • Technical Development of useful products for customers
posters world data center ngdc itic usgs smithsonian
Posters: World Data Center / NGDC ITIC, USGS, Smithsonian
  • Global Tsunami Sources: 1650 BC – AD 2010

Casualties, Cause, EQ magnitude

  • Significant Earthquakes: 2150 BC – AD 2010

Casualties, magnitude, USGS 1972-2009 (M6+)

  • Significant Volcanic Eruptions: 4350 BC – AD 2009

Casualties, VEI, Smithsonian volcanoes

  • Complements TsuDig

Copies - Contact: paula.dunbar@noaa.gov, l.kong@unesco.org

  • ITIC long international training experience now contributing domestically
  • Emphasize consistent, 1-message national training From this, customization downstream
  • Train-the-Trainer concepts adopted to increase trainer pool, especially downstream / for special needs populations
  • ITIC awareness materials continue in demand Complement training - target public (such as TsunamiTeacher USA).
  • Distribution on request since supply not enough for widespread global distribution. Provide UPS / FEDEX account numbers for shipping.
  • Continuation of ITIC domestic services and product deliveries dependent on approval of FY11 NTHMP project funds.



SeismicReady Consulting

University of Hawaii

USGS, Menlo Park