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MacBook Air

MacBook Air

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MacBook Air

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  1. MacBook Air My way of getting what I want

  2. Rate the companies • Apple • Mac of all trades • Ecrater

  3. rating is very good: most people said this was the best place to buy apple stuff. Most of the comments were good things have high prices. There were only three bad comments and they did not make sense. I think I will like this website the most. Apple

  4. Mac of all trades rating is average: there were some comments that were saying that it wasn’t that bad of a website to shop on, but the things are mostly all old stuff, like old computers, laptops, etc. I might get a couple of things from here, but only the best ones.

  5. Ecrater rating is poor: most people didn’t seem to like it because the stuff was old and broken when in the order they said it was brand new. This one is horrible. I mean why lie when you can just sell broken parts to electricians and stuff.

  6. My Plan To get my mac book air I will get a part time job in an animal shelter because I am good at taking care of animals and helping them. I would ask to get $5 dollars an hour for 2 hours a day for the 5 school days after school. I would get $10 dollars a day. By the end of the week I would have $50 dollars. By the end of a normal month I would have about $200 dollars. By the end of a year I should have $2000 dollars. That’s more than enough to buy a mac book air, which is $1500 dollars. I would have $500 dollars left. Then I can also buy a see through case for $50, portable speaker for $20, headphones for $20, and the rest of the money I will use for other things.