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Fragile X

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Fragile X. Brianna Stobbe 3/6/13 Period 4. Name. Common and scientific name: fragile X syndrome (FXS) Other names: Martin-Bell syndrome,Marker X syndrome, FRAXA syndrome. Cause. Inherited, but not expressed in every generation.

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fragile x

Fragile X

Brianna Stobbe


Period 4

  • Common and scientific name: fragile X syndrome (FXS)
  • Other names: Martin-Bell syndrome,Marker X syndrome, FRAXA syndrome

Inherited, but not expressed in every generation.

Premutation: repetition of CCG sequence in DNA of X chromosome more than 50 times. Does not cause syndrome, but may cause it in children.

Full mutation: repetition of CCG sequence more than 230 times, which disables the FMR-1(fragile X mental retardation) gene and causes syndrome

target population
Target Population
  • Every ethnicity
  • 1 in 1,250 males
  • 1 in 2,000 females
  • Males have one X chromosome, while females have two. Females are less likely to have the syndrome because the FMR-1 gene is active on the other chromosome. Symptoms of females are generally mild.
cns pns

The FMR-1 gene codes for a protein that helps develop synapses, the connections between nerve cells. When the the FMR-1 gene is disabled, neurotransmitters are not relayed correctly.

  • developmental delays
  • mental retardation
  • autism
  • attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • digestive disorders
  • heart conditions
  • seizures
  • large ears
  • long, narrow face

Genetic test for mutation or premutation


Chorionic villus sampling

percutaneous umbilical blood sampling

cure treatment
  • No present cure. Gene therapy may be an option in the future.
  • Drugs can treat ADD and seizures.
  • Speech and language therapy and special education teachers may be needed.
notable cases supporters
Notable Cases/Supporters
  • Albert Einstein had Asperger syndrome, a type of autism, that was likely caused by fragile X.
  • James Denton from Desperate Housewives has been a supporter of the cause.

National Fragile X Foundation and FRAXA Research Foundation fund scientific research, support families affected, and raise awareness.

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