the best method to insulate your home l.
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The Best Method to Insulate Your Home

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The Best Method to Insulate Your Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The basic need or the idea of insulation is based upon the fact that heat moves from warmer areas to colder areas. If your home is not insulated, during summers your home would be like a sauna and during winters it would be like an igloo. Both the cases are quite extreme and thus wouldn’t let you live peacefully. Insulation is a technique which minimizes and regulates this flow of temperature by slowing the transformation process. In simple words, it creates the perfect habitat for you to sustain life in a peaceful manner.


Every building needs a constant supply of heat to maintain a steady temperature irrespective of how good your home is insulated. However, with proper insulation, your home will require only less amount of heat to maintain the temperature.

Your home can be insulated in several ways. However the quality of the insulation is quite significant to satisfy our requirements. And for this we need to choose the right material for insulation that suits our home. The material we choose with the help of experts in the field is quite unique and suitable only for our home, as it largely depends upon the materials used to construct our home.


This means you need not use much energy to warm your home during winters and vice versa. Insulation is applied to all sections of your home such as in between walls, floors etc. There are several different types of materials available in the market today and with the advent of internet the search for the right material has become too simplified. You have rigid foam boards, liquid firm boards and fiberglass.

Natural materials are also available in the market to cater the environmentalists. They are more environmentally friendly than the synthetic ones mentioned above. However they are quite expensive compared to their synthetic counterparts. Choosing the right material based upon your home’s physical structure helps you to insulate your home properly and efficiently. This factor helps you a lot to save on energy bills incurred due to heavy usage of home accessories. To put it simply, you wouldn’t have the necessity to use your accessories heavily.

fiber glass

They are used between floor joists and within wall cavities. Always makes use of expert services to insulate your home.

Fiber Glass:
spray foam

This method is useful when trying to insulate the hard to insulate areas like wall cavities, metal buildings etc. Usually applied as a liquid spray which expands into foam within a few minutes, the expanded foam insulates the area completely.

Spray Foam:
batt insulation

This type of insulation is popularly used to insulate walls, floors and ceilings. It’s one of the most inexpensive types of insulation which can be installed with ease. It’s highly recommended that you get trained professionals to do it, as if installed with perfection it will be one of the most energy efficient insulation for your home.

Batt Insulation:

The internet has got all the details regarding the materials as well as insulation companies which provide such services. All you need to do is browse and find the right company to do the task.

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