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  1. RIGHT ya WRONG ManseeGupte- Chatterjee

  2. Nancy (6) and John (8) were at the super market with their father, who had explained to them that they were to walk quietly through the aisles and not pick up food or knock things off the shelves.

  3. “If you behave good, I will give you a treat” said the father.

  4. As the three of them walked down aisle one, Nancy saw a clerk giving away free samples of pizza. She felt tempting. She pushed John out of the way and ran towards to the front of the line where a lady was giving free pizza.

  5. John also wanted a piece, but he stood in the line with his father and waited for his turn.

  6. Nancy’s father scolded her and warned her for her behaviour. After eating pizza they continued their shopping.

  7. Nancy and John were getting bored. John grabbed four chips packets from the rack and he ran to put it in the cart. Father said, “we don’t need this junk food, you already have 1 chips packet at home.” John cried and said, “you never let us buy and eat anything that we like.”

  8. While John was complaining, Nancy had run ahead and had disappeared into the toys section. Father asked John to find her as he dint want them to wander off alone.

  9. John raced down the aisle, almost knocking into an older lady's cart. Halfway down the next aisle, he yelled loudly for Nancy. Nancy ran back and whined to her father that she wanted to go home. Once again their dad warned them to behave nicely.

  10. In the next aisle, their dad asked them to pick out potato chips and cookies. They quickly agreed on barbeque chips and Nancy carried them to the cart. She told John he could choose the cookies. They helped with the rest of the list.

  11. Finally, they got to the checkout counter. John wanted 2 candy bars and started pouting when his dad said he could only have one. Nancy wanted a chocolate and remembered to say Thank You.

  12. On the way home, they fought over who could sit near window in the front seat. They were both assigned to the back of the seat as they left the super market parking lot.

  13. QUESTIONS • How did Nancy and John behave in the story? List some of the behavior they demonstrated. • Of these behaviours, which do you think were right (acceptable) and which behaviours were wrong (unacceptable)?

  14. You generally tend to behave in a right way (acceptable) or wrong way (unacceptable)? • Do you feel proud of the way you behave? If you are not proud then what can you do? • If you behave wrong (unacceptable) whom would it hurt the most?

  15. Thank You