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  1. What? Why? 5Ws Where? When? Who? Photo: Adam R Gosshttp://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/arg32/watson/montserrat.html used with permission N Jenkins www.juicygeography.co.uk

  2. Scenario: You are part of a team of volcano experts invited to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to help the geologists manage a serious situation developing on the island. There have been a number of earthquakes and pyroclastic flows around the Soufriere Hills volcano. Now a dome is growing on the side of the main volcano. If it collapses, huge pyroclastic flows with potential to causes major loss of life will result. A helicopter pilot is in the air sending back reports. It is up to your team to collect the reports, map the volcanic activity and make the crucial decisions required to manage the situation. Pictures from Montserrat Volcano Observatory used with permission http://www.mvo.ms/

  3. Roles: The teacher is the Governor of the island (His Excellency, Frank Savage) Each team requires the following members: Information coordinator: Your role is to monitor the reports coming in from the helicopter and take them to the rest of the team. You also need to take the decisions made by the crisis manager to the governor for checking. Geologist Your role is to make a map of the volcanic hazard, and work with the crisis manager on a plan for ensuring the safety of the islanders. Crisis managerYour role is to make important decisions to manage the crisis. You have the reports from the helicopter and the advice of the geologist. After you make a decision send your advice to the governor immediately. You will get instant feedback on your decision.

  4. Resources: • Map of the island for annotation by the Geologist • Decision-making sheet (Crisis Manager) • Notepaper for the information coordinator