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Workplace Expectations: “ Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!” PowerPoint Presentation
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Workplace Expectations: “ Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!”

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Workplace Expectations: “ Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workplace Expectations: “ Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!”. Presented by: Michael Robinson, M.S . Director, Community Outreach & Hiring Human Resources Department Temple University. Mission of Temple University’s Human Resources Department.

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Workplace Expectations: “ Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!”

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Presentation Transcript
workplace expectations re tool re brand re launch

Workplace Expectations: “Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!”

Presented by:

Michael Robinson, M.S.

Director, Community Outreach & Hiring

Human Resources Department

Temple University

mission of temple university s human resources department
Mission of Temple University’sHuman Resources Department
  • The mission of the Human Resources Department is to sustain and advance the University’s goals through the attraction and retention of a quality workforce.
  • The Human Resources Department accomplishes this mission by providing exceptional core services that are integrated and strategically aligned to the teaching, research, and social mission of the University.
  • Our benefits, payroll, compensation, employment, employee relations, organizational development, training, and labor relations services support organizational effectiveness and individual achievement.
  • The Human Resources Department is committed to attracting, hiring, supporting, developing, and recognizing Temple University’s most valuable resource: its PEOPLE.
employee classifications in the workplace
Employee Classifications In The Workplace
  • For example, most Temple University employees fall within one or more classifications:
    • Full-time, part-time, introductory/probationary or temporary.
    • Exempt or non-exempt.
    • Academic or non-academic.
    • Bargaining unit or non-bargaining unit.
employment applications and other forms
  • Employers rely upon the accuracy of information contained in the employment application, as well as the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and employment.
  • Employers require new employees to complete official employment forms and/or furnish the following items:
    • Employment Application
    • W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
    • I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
    • Personal Data Form
    • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Manual
    • Employee’s Rights and Responsibilities Form
    • Transcript
    • Authorization for Direct Deposit
    • Applicable Healthcare/Benefit Forms
    • Confidentiality Acknowledgment
the employee handbook
The Employee Handbook

The purpose an Employee Handbook:

  • To provide employees with a ready source of information about the employer.
  • To provide employees with the procedures and policies the organization has established.
general rules of conduct
General Rules of Conduct
  • Meet established expectations of job performance.
  • Comply with attendance policies.
  • Respect personal property of the office/facilities.
  • Support Management’s goals and objectives.
general rules of conduct1
General Rules of Conduct
  • Observe all safety policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Maintain courteous and professional demeanor with dealing with co-workers, supervisors, etc.
  • Engage in appropriate conduct in the performance of duties, during work hours and otherwise.
corrective actions for violations

Typical Disciplinary Action Steps:

  • General Counseling
  • Verbal Counseling
  • Written Warning
  • Suspension w/o pay
  • Termination!
reasons for corrective actions for violations
  • Unauthorized absences
  • Falsification of time records
  • Fraudulent statements/misrepresentation in employment
  • Unauthorized use of company property
  • Stealing
  • Insubordination
  • Gambling
  • Negligence/Carelessness
reasons for corrective actions for violations1
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Inefficiency
  • Leaving without permission
  • Chronic lateness
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Threatening behavior or causing disturbance
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Harassing/Unwelcome behavior, etc.
background checks
Background Checks
  • For example, Temple University conducts background checks for individuals recommended for hire in certain selected positions.
  • Examples of the type of positions for which Temple University may conduct a background check include, but are not limited to:
    • positions that are designated as financially sensitive, such as billers, medical receptionists/schedulers, and cashiers,
    • positions that require driving as an essential duty of the position, such as drivers, coaches, refuse haulers,
    • positions that involve work with children, such as youth development specialists, CHP after school program workers, time-out respite care workers, workers at Temple Children’s Medical Center and pediatric dental clinics,
    • positions that are safety sensitive, such as security officers and police officers,
    • positions that provide access to student living areas, such as resident directors and student health specialists.
background checks drug screening
Background Checks & Drug Screening!
  • Your credit rating/history can impact employment opportunities.
  • Drug tests are popular with most employers, can impact employment opportunities.
  • Criminal history background checks can impact employment opportunities

To Secure an Interview, Execute an Effective Job Search Plan of Action:

Submission of Unsolicited Resumes

Newspapers/Classified Ads

Online Job Boards

Temp Agencies/Search Firms

Employee Referrals

  • Hire From Within:
  • Promotions
  • Internships

Source: What Color is My Parachute

if unemployed volunteer
If Unemployed, Volunteer!

Volunteering is important:

  • Puts yourself ‘in the way’ of a job.
  • Allows you to gain marketable skills/retool.
  • Fills-up the blank space in your resume.
  • Expands your network in a positive way, increases your social capital.
  • Fills-in gaps in employment history.
if unemployed re tool
If Unemployed, Re-Tool!

Seek Additional Training/Education:

  • Learn a new applicable/in-demand skill.
  • Upgrade via certifications.
  • Use time to complete a degree.
  • Pursue entrepreneurship.
alumni office career center
Alumni Office & Career Center

Check with your alma mater’s alumni office and/or career center for potential job leads, employer contacts, open house events, etc.

interview prep tools
Interview Prep Tools
  • Sample Interview Questions:
  • Salary Profile:
interview prep tools1
Interview Prep Tools
  • How to Research an Employer:
    • Google.
    • Facebook.
    • Annual Reports.
    • Advertisements.
    • Trade Publications.
    • Corporate Website.
    • Employee Handbook.
    • Better Business Bureau.
    • Professional Associations.
    • Past and/or Current Employee Feedback.
during actual interview
During Actual Interview:
  • Have a planned agenda for what you intend to discuss…STAY ON TOPIC!
  • Be upbeat, vibrant, and positive.
  • Come prepared to discuss your:
    • Education
    • Transferable Skills
    • Related Job Experiences
    • Related Job Accomplishments
    • Professional Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Special Credentials (i.e., licenses, certifications, etc.)
  • Document the names/titles of each person you meet with for later follow-up (i.e., ‘Thank You’ letters).

Source: “How to Research a Prospective Employer” –

post interview etiquette
Post-Interview Etiquette
  • Write/Send a ‘Thank You’ letter to all persons involved in your interview.
  • Follow any given post-interview instructions.
  • Complete and/or return any requested documentation.
  • Patiently wait for official decision.
  • Keep a personal file of notes for each interview!
questions employers should not ask
Questions Employers Should Not Ask:

Illegal Interview Questions

  • Employers should not ask about any of the following, because refusing to hire a candidate based on following list is discriminatory:
    • Race
    • Color
    • Sex
    • Religion
    • National origin
    • Birthplace
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Marital/family status


top 10 interview mistakes
Top 10 Interview Mistakes:
  • Tardiness.
  • Bashing previous experiences or employers.
  • Not answering the question.
  • Failing to research the company.
  • Not asking (good) questions.
  • Poor body language.
  • Improper attire or grooming.
  • Volunteered too much personal information.
  • No-Show for Appointment.
  • Inappropriate humor.
popular online job search resources
Popular Online Job Search Resources:

the application form
The Application Form
  • Paper Application Forms
    • Much Less Prevalent
    • Require Multiple Applications
    • Require That You Apply In-Person
    • More Time Consuming
    • Less Efficient
  • On-Line Application Forms
    • Require Access to Computer
    • More Efficient
    • Easy to Update
    • Greater Ease For Future Job Applications With the Same Employer
more on resume writing
More On Resume Writing…

You Should:

You ShouldNOT:

email communications
Email Communications

Appropriate Purpose for Emails

  • To Confirm an Appointment
  • To Provide Additional Documents
  • To Thank an Interviewer For Their Time and Consideration
establish an online presence
Establish an Online Presence

Helps Create A Buzz About YourProfessional Brand & Accomplishments!

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Set-up Job Alerts
  • Personal Website
  • Refresh Your Online Links Weekly
community resources to help you re launch
Community Resources to HelpYou Re-Launch!

Free & Low Cost Services for: Resume & Cover Letter Writing,

Job Coaching, Job Referrals, Computer Training, GED, Ex-Offender Re-Entry, and more!



LIFT Program


People for People, Inc.


Pennsylvania CareerLink


Honickman Learning Center


Mayor’s Office of Re-Integration Services for Ex-Offenders (RISE)


Temple University/Pan-African Studies Community Education Program

215- 204-1993

contact information
Contact Information:

Michael Robinson, M.S.

Director – Community Outreach & Hiring/Human Resources

Temple University

Phone: 215-204-0677