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PHOTO JOURNAL. Mark Puentespina Photography Teacher: Mr. Dominguez.

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photo journal


Mark Puentespina


Teacher: Mr. Dominguez


Good times at Phil’s Barbecue! I’m with my cousin Dea who visited us from the Philippines. She is a school teacher and currently working in Hong Kong. We ate dinner at Phil’s restaurant. We laughed and ate a lot of barbeque. The beef ribs were gigantic and tasted so good! I was so glad I got to hang out with Dea because she is so cool and fun to talk to. She never seem to ran out of things to talk about. There were also three other cousins with us, and we had a really greattime!


I love the beach! There’s really nothing more relaxing than just to hang out at the beach and watch the sunset, and waves come ashore. I felt good that people are taking care of our beaches and keeping them safe and clean for all to enjoy. Also, I gave my mom a lesson in photography, and I think she did well with this picture.


I’m playing an arcade game with my cousin Josh. He is attending college at UCSD. It was fun playing games with him at the 32nd Street Naval Base. I like playing with him because he is good at video games, and I like the challenge and competition. He also is a very funny person.


I visited my Uncle Rey’s house and set up a video game for my cousins and I to play with. I was pretty happy that I was able to make the system work, but I wished I brought my Playstationand games to their house so we could have played better games.


I’m getting ready to eat a cupcake that my Auntie Mitch made. She likes to cook, and also bakes pastries and cakes. I watched movies, ate and played lots of games with my cousins. Honestly, I don’t know what Sesame Street character this cupcake is supposed to look like, but it tasted delicious!


This picture was taken at the Mater Dei Catholic Church after a church event and celebration. I felt really good after attending the activities that our church had. We also have some fund raising activities to help raise money to build a new church. It will be constructed in the lot behind me sometime in the future.


I’m with my Uncle Rey. He was the one who got me started and taught me how to play golf. I had a great timethis day as we played 18 holes of golf at the Naval Air Station North Island Golf Course and enjoyed a beautiful San Diego day.


I’m not sure what my dad was thinking, but he bought me a cake just for trying out for the golf team. I felt really good this day as I played a good round of golf with my teammates, and I got the first slice of the cake.


I’m with Zack, my german shepherd and my best buddy. He is the coolest dog ever! He is now one year old and learning new tricks everyday. I feel good when I’m with him as he never gets tired playing fetch. He stays by my side all day long, ready to play at any time. Right beside me is his hair brush. I did a little bit of grooming on him as he sheds a lot of hair. I felt content that I brushed most of his loose hair off.


My dad and I played a round of golf at the Bonita Golf Course. The person behind us was also playing in our group. As always, I enjoy playing golf, specially on a beautiful day like this.


I was sharing some light moments with my dad, sister, cousin Ching-Ching, Uncle Roy and Auntie Rica. We were heading to a restaurant to order some Filipino foods. I can’t remember what the joke or conversation was about but it looks like we all had a good laugh. Uncle Roy never ran out of jokes to tell, but unfortunately he told them in Filipino and I didn’t understand a single word he said! My dad tried to interpret but it never seems to come out funny.


I’m with my Uncle Roy who visited us from the Philippines. He is a District Manager for San Miguel Beer in the Philippines. This picture was taken at my house in our living room. We were getting ready to leave the house to attend my cousins debut (18th birthday) party. I was glad that my tuxedo fit me well.


I’m with my cousin, Ching-Ching who is my Uncle Roy’s daughter. She came all the way from the Philippines. This was her first visit to America, and I felt good that I was able to make her feel comfortable and have fun during her stay with us.


This picture was taken at the Admiral Kidd’s Club in the Naval Submarine Base at Point Loma. I felt grateful that I was able to spend time with family and friends. Most of all I was happy that my cousin, Sheryl, had a wonderful birthday celebration that we all shared with her.


I’m with my dad at my cousin’s debut masquerade party. We really had a good time there as my aunt did a good job in making all the arrangements for the party. I was impressed with how well she put together the program and the details of the party. I was glad that my cousin Sheryl enjoyed her birthday party and we had some really fancy food.


I’m hanging out with my best buddy, Zack, in my room. Zack has a bed in my room as he sleeps and keeps me company at night. I really enjoy having him around as he keeps me entertained with his funny antics and playful nature. As you can see, I keep my golf clubs handy. You can also tell that I was tired when this picture was taken as I just got done helping my dad pick up and carry a lot of food items that we ordered from the restaurant. Zack came along for the ride.