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P u l l O v e r !

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P u l l O v e r !. By: Puja Patel T/Science. Purpose. Should have been Three paragraphs.

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P u l l O v e r !

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    1. Pull Over! By: Puja Patel T/Science

    2. Purpose Should have been Three paragraphs We are doing this experiment to help the Acme Inc. develop a series of non-lethal device to be used by police for capturing suspects. Also, we have to market these products to police forces all around the world. We know that speed equals distance divided by time. I think my speed is going to be around 4-5 m/sec. I just took a guess. Too short. Needs more background info

    3. Materials • Stop watch • Meter stick • Measuring tape Safety GSA- be careful when your running and make sure your shoes are tied.

    4. Procedure • Measure 50 meters and mark it with the meter stick. • Put another meter stick at the 25 mark. ( there should be 3 meter sticks. One at the start line, one in the middle and one at the end.) • the first person runs and one person will time them. Start timing when the runner is on the second meter stick, which would be at 25 meters. • Do the same thing with the rest of the people • Lastly, calculate the speed for each.

    5. Data Walking

    6. Conclusion • We were hired by Acme Inc. to find the speed of most 8th graders. The results were surprising to us. We expected to see higher numbers than we actually found. • I predicted that my speed would be around 4 – 5 m/sec. As you can see. My hypothesis was way off. My actual speed averaged around 1.74 m/sec, while my partners averaged 1.76 m/sec and 1.81 m/sec. We walked about three times slower than we expected!!! • We are confident in the results of our experiment. It seems the average 8th grader walks between 1.7 and 1.8 m/sec. It would be interesting to see if these results would still be the same if we did this experiment after lunch instead of early in the morning!

    7. THE END!