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2000-2014 By: B lake Handy. Table of contents. Celebrities 3-6 Technology 7-8 Fashion 9-11 Fads 12-13 Music 14-15 Icons 16-17 Slang 18. Chief K eef GB E.

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2000 2014 by b lake handy

2000-2014By: Blake Handy

Table of contents
Table of contents

  • Celebrities 3-6

  • Technology 7-8

  • Fashion 9-11

  • Fads 12-13

  • Music 14-15

  • Icons 16-17

  • Slang 18

Chief k eef gb e
Chief Keef GBE

  • Chief Keef only 15-16 years old blew up overnight after the release of “I don’t like” which became a local hit first in his hometown Chicago. When Chief Keef dropped “I don’t like” it was video taped in his grandmothers house when he was on house arrest for heroin trafficking and pointing a gun at police officers. He has released several mixtapesand one album Finally Rich which features artists 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and other members of G.B.E.

  • (glory boys entertainment)

50 cent g unit
50 cent g-unit

  • 50 cent is probably one of the most successful rappers of all time, not only in music but in his multiple businesses as well. 50 cent grew up in south Jamacia, Queens, where his mother was murdered, where he caught his first charges for trafficking crack cocaine and where he became a rap legend. 50 cent started rapping and was introduced to Jam Master Jay a member of run D.M.Cin his early 20’s. 50 eventually caught the attention of Dr. Dreand Eminem who put him where he is today. 50 has sold over 21 million albums, founded G-Unit Records which includes Tony Yayo, Lollyd Banks and many other artists. Outside of music he had a deal with Rebokto sell G-Unit clothing and shoes, has shares in Vitamin Water, and has become a boxing promoter. 50 has also made his way into many movies, and has worked alongside with actors Robert Deniro and Al Pacino.

Mark w halburg
Mark Whalburg

  • Mark Whalburgwas born on June 5, 1971 in Boston, and grew up in the neighborhood of Dorchestor. Mark Whalburgwas the younger brother of Donnie Whalburga member of the New Kids on the Block, so that’s kind of how he got his name out there. He started acting in 1993 in a T.V movie “the substitute”. He then did a movie with Danny Diveto “The Renaissance Man”. He appeared along side of Leonardo De Capreoin The Basketball Diaries shortly after. Ever since Mark Whalburgstarted acting he has been steadily going strong. Mark has also turned his life around, he went from being in a gang, fighting addictions, and going to jail for multiple assaults to now raising a family and attending church everyday.

Don c headle
Don Cheadle

  • Don Cheadle was born on November 29 1964 in Kansas City. He began acting in the early 80’s but his career really took off in the mid 90’s and has been going hard since.

  • 1. Hotel Rwanda -- 95%

  • 2. Ocean's Eleven -- 94%

  • 3. Boogie Nights -- 94%

  • 4. Traffic -- 91%

  • 5. Rosewood -- 88%

  • 6. Reign Over Me -- 86%

  • 7. Colors -- 86%

  • 8. Crash -- 85%

  • 9. Talk to Me -- 83%

  • 10. Ocean's Thirteen -- 82%

  • Rotten Tomatoestop 10 don Cheadle movies


  • The first iPod was released on October 23 2001. It took a little while for the iPod to really catch but in 2004 the iPod took off and apple now controls over 90% of the market for hard drive-based players, and over 70% of the market for all types of players.


  • On October 28 2003 Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitzand Chris Hughes. Mark Zuckerberghas an estimated 28.5 billion dollars he is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook.

Air forces
Air Forces

  • Nike Air Force Ones first came out in 1982 but were discontinued the following year. They were rereleased in 1986. Air Forces really started getting popular around the mid 90’s and were at their peek in the early 2000’s made popular by many rappers such as 50 cent, The Game and Cassidy.


  • Snapbacks have come back in the past few years. Companies like new era and Mitchel & Ness have brought back similar styles of snapbacks that starter and other companies were using in the 90’s.

Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans

When a lot of people were jerking(dance move) skinny jeans came with that. Jerking and skinny jeans seemed to blast off when everyone was getting out of baggy clothes so it just took over for a little bit.

Livestrong wristband
Livestrong wristband

  • The Livestrongbracelets were set out by the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation in 2004. They gained in popularity after many people participating in the Tour de France wore them. After that Oprah and other celebrities showed support which helped the Livestrongbraclets grow in popularity.

Flash mobs
Flash mobs

  • This is when a bunch of people get together and do a dance or something else unusual and just leave.

Trap music
trap music

trap beats have become very popular since the early 2000’s when trap music first started gaining popularity. Trap beats are often very dark and grimy to go along with the lyrics that are often about selling drugs, gangbangin, partying and getting money(not always though). Trap music has a few different sub genres, such as drill music, trap dubstep mixes, and dirty south rap, this is from the growing popularity of rappers like Gucci mane and WakaFlockaflame.

Auto tune
Auto tune

Cher’s song “Belive” was the first hit to use auto tune. T Pain actually became known for using auto tune he even created an app for it. Many other artists are known for using auto tune, such as Meek Mill(who brought it back in young and getting it), Rihanna, Justin Bieberand many others.

Bin laden
Bin laden

  • I Believe that bin Laden is an icon of evil, but definitely an icon of this time period. Osama wasa part of a very wealthy Saudi Arabian family known as the bin Ladens, he waswell educated, and he is responsible for running a terrorist organization, and the September 11 attack on the United States. On may 2 2011 a navy seals team raided his house in Pakistankilled him and buried him at sea within 24 hours of his death.

Barack o bama
Barack Obama

  • I think that Barack Obama is an icon from this era, because he was the first black Presidentof the United States. I believethat if America is able to ignore race and elect a black president then it says that people care more about what this guys value is than if he is white or black or Chinese.


  • Whip-car

  • Lol-laugh out loud