6 tips to up your weight loss regime n.
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6 Tips To Up Your Weight Loss Regime

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6 Tips To Up Your Weight Loss Regime - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The pursuit of losing weight can sometimes hit a road block. We offer you simple tips on how to lose weight, and push through the block.

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Pump Up Your Regular Work Out:

  • If you keep to the same intensity of your work-out regime, you will eventually peak out and stop losing weight.
  • At this stage, it is important to increase the speed of your exercise, or increase the number of repetitions or weights to push beyond your body’s comfort zone.
  • This is the first and most important point, post hitting the plateau. Don’t get comfortable!

Increase the Number of Times You Work Out:

  • Try hitting the gym and working out twice a day, preferably before breakfast and dinner.
  • This will not only help you push through the weight loss plateau, but also help you lose weight faster.

Get Rid Of All The Sugar:

  • Cut down completely on your sugar intake, including basics like honey and jiggery.
  • Cutting out sugar will result in you eliminating all the empty calories almost immediately, and help you lose weight immediately.
  • You will immediately notice improvement, not just with your weight, but also on your skin, hair and energy levels.

Increase your carbohydrate & Protein Intake For A Week:

  • A calorie deficit will lead to your leptin levels (the hormone that controls hunger) to drop, causing your metabolism to drop, thus resulting in increased appetite and decreased motivation.
  • Increase your intake by 300 calories for a week to boost your leptin levels before going back to your targeted calorie intake. This is one of the most important answers to your question of ‘how to lose weight’.

Focus on Clean Eating:

  • Your body needs regular periods of care and rest, and clean eating can be just the answer.
  • Focus on food items like eggs and toast in the morning, followed by proteins (pulses/meat/fish/veggies and rice) for lunch, and avoid carbs post 4:00pm four times in your detox week.

Keep Mixing It Up:

The human body can adapt to almost any form of strenuous exercise, if the regime is followed for any length of time.

Keep switching or mixing up your exercise routines so that your body doesn’t get into a comfort zone.

If you regularly run or walk, switch to Zumba or aerobics. If you are weight training, change the type of exercise you do for each muscle.