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Vendors for MainePERS Employers PowerPoint Presentation
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Vendors for MainePERS Employers

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Vendors for MainePERS Employers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome!. Vendors for MainePERS Employers. Vendor Informational Meeting August 2009. MainePERS New Pension Software. Beginning in early 2010 Replacing legacy business applications Integrated line-of-business system. Agenda. Employer Self-Service (ESS) Overview

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Vendors for

MainePERS Employers

Vendor Informational Meeting

August 2009

mainepers new pension software
MainePERS New Pension Software
  • Beginning in early 2010
  • Replacing legacy business applications
  • Integrated line-of-business system
  • Employer Self-Service (ESS) Overview
  • Payroll Reporting- New requirements
  • Group Life Insurance- New requirements
  • Testing & Roll-out Schedule
  • Questions & Answers
ess features
ESS Features
  • Employer Management
  • Member Information
  • Importing Files
  • Administration Functions
import export files import
Import/Export Files- Import

Where employer can changer data on a member in a file not yet released




epf employers edits
EPF Employers- Edits
  • Errors are severe and fatal conditions
    • Errors at Import
    • Errors at Validation
  • Exceptions are informational but worth looking at
    • Exceptions at Validation
changes for paper reporters
Changes for Paper Reporters
  • September 2009
    • Plan Participation Status
    • Rate Schedule Number
    • Plan Code (Plan Class)
changes for paper reporters13
Changes for Paper Reporters
  • Plan Participation Status
    • A=Actively participating
        • Retired Returned to Work (RRTW)
    • Y=Employer Paid Employee Contributions.
changes for paper reporters14
Changes for Paper Reporters
  • Rate Schedule Number (RSN)
    • If Personnel Status Code (PSC) is 53 RRTW,

RSN= 000053

    • For all other PSC Codes and when Plan Participation Status is “A”, RSN = 000001 for most plans
    • For all other PSC Codes and when Plan Participation Status is “Y”, RSN is assigned by MainePERS
changes for paper reporters15
Changes for Paper Reporters
  • Plan Code (Plan Class)
    • Currently reported as two (2) digit alpha code
    • Changing to five (5) digit alpha-numeric code

Ex. AC = 110AC

changes for epf filers
Changes for EPF Filers
  • Import files via ESS Module
  • Field Value Changes
    • Plan Class Codes
    • Rate Schedule Numbers
epf employers submitting files
EPF Employers- Submitting Files
  • Before “go-live”
    • Employers to submit a test file prior to live data
  • With “go-live” and on-going
    • One original file per reporting period
    • Employers correct data directly in the system
epf employers file data format
EPF Employers- File Data Format
  • Data recorded in ASCII format
  • Unblocked
  • Fixed length
  • 256 character records
  • CR/LF termination for each record for a total length of 258 characters per record
epf employers file layout
EPF Employers- File Layout
  • Three distinct types of records (rows)
      • One Header
      • One or more Detail rows
      • One Summary
  • Single Employer Files vs. Multiple Employer Files
epf employers naming the file
EPF Employers- Naming the File

The ASCII file name format will be- EEEEEEMMYYX.

Example: TCPOR0109O. The original file submitted by the Portland School Department in January of 2009

epf employers edit messages
EPF Employers- Edit Messages

Header Record

  • H1.1- Transmitter Code missing or does not match
  • H7.1 – Header Filing Type contains invalid code
  • H7.3- Second original submission submitted, only one is valid
epf employers edit messages23
EPF Employers- Edit Messages

Detail Record

  • D4.3 – SSN is not a participant
  • D9.2 – PSC is invalid
  • D28.4 – Time Unit Code inconsistent with Expected Weeks per Year
epf employers edit messages24
EPF Employers- Edit Messages

Summary Record

  • S13.1 – Total Earnable Compensation format is invalid
  • S13.2 – Summary Total Earnable Compensation does not match total detail
  • S19.1 – Total Life Insurance – active Basic submitted
employer testing roll out
Employer Testing & Roll-out
  • Regionalized Training w/ employers
    • Mid October – Mid December
    • Hands on training
    • Using employer’s own data for testing
employer testing roll out26
Employer Testing & Roll-out
  • Employer Test Files
    • “Sandbox” time directly following training
    • Test file required prior to go-live
      • Using a file from a specific month
      • Reflecting changes needed for ESS processing
what can be done now
What can be done now?
  • Partner with clients and MainePERS
  • Continue to encourage your clients to go EPF
  • Assist current Paper Filers with changes to the paper file for September
what can be done now28
What can be done now?
  • Review current reporting data for inconsistencies
  • Encourage your clients to take advantage of training and testing opportunities as available
  • Ask questions and give feedback
timeline for implementation
Timeline for Implementation

Mid-September: Sandbox Testing- ESS “early testers”

October-December: Training for all MainePERS employers- Begin submitting test files

December: All MainePERS employers have submitted one test file successfully

ESS Goes Live Early 2010

requirements for gli starting 2010 with new system
Requirements for GLI– Starting 2010 with New System
  • Group Life Insurance premiums removed from payroll reports
  • Annual level adjustment- New Import File
gli removed from payrolls
GLI– Removed from Payrolls
  • MainePERS will direct bill employers
  • Monthly bill
gli payroll field changes
GLI– Payroll Field Changes
  • Detail Record- “D”
    • Fields: 15, 17, 19, 20 Now Blank
  • Summary Record- “S”
    • Fields: 11, 17, 19-22 Now Blank

Formerly Group Life Insurance fields

requirements for gli annual level adjustment
Requirements for GLI– Annual Level Adjustment
  • Annual level adjustment made through electronic file submission
    • Information uploaded via ESS module
    • Format complies with the W-2 file format submitted to the IRS.
requirements for gli annual level adjustment35
Requirements for GLI– Annual Level Adjustment
  • MainePERS will determine the basic level of coverage by adding the following boxes:
    • Box 1
    • Box 10
    • Box 12 (Except box 12C)
    • Box 14