misplace or dangling n.
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Misplace or Dangling

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Misplace or Dangling . Modifiers . What is a modifier?. A modifier is a word or phrase that explains more about a noun in a sentence. Ex. The beautifully dressed pageant contestant won the award for prettiest smile . Modifiers Gone Wrong. Misplaced Modifier. Examples.

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what is a modifier
What is a modifier?
  • A modifier is a word or phrase that explains more about a noun in a sentence.
  • Ex. The beautifully dressed pageantcontestant won the award for prettiestsmile.
modifiers gone wrong
Modifiers Gone Wrong

Misplaced Modifier


Wrong - The waitress served pie to the family on paper plates.

Right - The waitress served pie on paper plates to the family.

  • Not close enough to the noun it modifies
  • Fix it by moving it closer to the noun.
modifiers gone wrong1
Modifiers Gone Wrong

Dangling Modifiers


Wrong - At three years old, Ms. Mosher read a book to her grandson.

Right – Ms. Mosher read a book to her grandson when he was three years old.

  • Tells about a word that is not in the sentence
  • Does not flow logically
test out you knowledge
Test out you knowledge
  • Log on to Grammar Chomp and complete the interactive worksheet.
  • http://www.chompchomp.com/modifiers01/modifiers01