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Scaled Cottage. Aditya Krishnan 7.2 Maths. Introduction.

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Scaled cottage

Scaled Cottage

Aditya Krishnan




Currently in Math, our unit is Distance and Direction. Since our previous unit was Ratio, we connected the two to make an excellent project. We have been assigned to create a scaled model of anything. However, every single thing that we included had to be to scale. Our group decided to create a cottage for a newly married couple. We decided that they would be adventurous, and also very sporty. With all this in mind, we decided to find out what we could make. And so, we present to you, the Honeymoon Homes.

Initial sketches planning

Note: Everything that we added on later to our initial plan is in red colour. Other colours mean that that was planned from before.

Initial Sketches/ Planning

Air Con

Air Con


Dogs and mats

Bowl and bottle

Awards (sports)

Reading Lamp and bottle






Final creation
Final Creation is in red colour. Other colours mean that that was planned from before.

Calculations of scale
Calculations of Scale is in red colour. Other colours mean that that was planned from before.

The next two pages have a table containing all the actual lengths and drawn lengths. This page shows the formula I applied for each one of them.

Scale= 1:20

Scale Factor= 20

Formula of finding drawing sizes:

Actual length/ Scale Factor

= Actual length/20

I used a tape measure for measuring, since some objects were rather big. I worked with centimetres only for everything.

Scaled cottage

L stands for length, W for width and H for height is in red colour. Other colours mean that that was planned from before.

Scaled cottage

L stands for length, W for width and H for height is in red colour. Other colours mean that that was planned from before.


This page’s bearings are represented by blue lines in the How I Calculated Bearings page



This page’s bearings are represented by red lines in the How I Calculated Bearings page



This page’s bearings are represented by yellow lines in the How I Calculated Bearings page


How i calculated bearings
How I Calculated Bearings the How I Calculated Bearings page

The making
The Making the How I Calculated Bearings page

Explanation of each part
Explanation of Each Part the How I Calculated Bearings page

Living Room

The living room consists of a loveseat for two people, along with a footrest for both of them. There is a table by it, which has a reading light attached to it. There is currently a bottle on it, filled with water for the adventurous couple. There are two identical sized mats of different colours, with two identical looking dogs on them. There is a bowl for them to drink from, which they share. Their food is in the bottle that is behind them. The exit looks like a slide, but they just have to sit on it and call their assistant outside to turn on the mechanism, which will let them travel up slowly to where the ceiling would have been. They then slide down to the ground on the other side. Their is an air-conditioning in the room as well. There is a ball lying in the corner, which is for the dogs to play with, and if the couple want to play a session of ball.

Explanation of each part1
Explanation of Each Part the How I Calculated Bearings page


The living room has a door leading to the bedroom. The bedroom has a giant king sized bed, which have a humongous pillow, bed sheets and a enormous blanket. Along the wall are a few of both the people’s major awards. There is a giant cricket bat, for winning a major cricket match, won by the lady. The man has won the huge hockey stick by winning an important hockey match. The man and woman met in a sharp-shooting competition, and they both tied, and so they both accepted the award together. There is a light above the bed. There is also an air conditioner in the bedroom.

The story
The Story the How I Calculated Bearings page

Both the man and the woman are extremely sporty and adventurous, which is why they had the house designed the way it was. They are both extremely rich, and have ordered this house to be built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest just for their honeymoon, and it will be broken down after the honeymoon. Firstly, there is no roof, although there is a special ultra violet sensor, which does not let anything enter through the roof except the couple and their house-keeping staff. This way, rain and birds will just skid off. This also doesn’t let the cool of the air conditioning exit. If needed, the ultra violet sensor can adapt any colour, and not allow people from outside to see in. The air conditioning is special too; it will immediately turn the room into the given temperature in a matter of half a second.

Since they are adventurous, they have no door. To enter, the person needs to jump off from the helicopter, and aim for the special shock-absorbent landing bed. The staff have also been trained. The staff live in the outskirts of Brazil, and when a bell is pressed they immediately board a ultra-speed helicopter, and reach the cottage in less than 3.834563 seconds. When they are above the cottage, they press a button which gives out a noise sounding like a knock. When the couple press the button again, the house-keeping staff jump in. They are not allowed to land on the bed, so they have to wear special parachutes which evaporate into oxygen when their feet touch the ground.

The story1
The Story the How I Calculated Bearings page

Along with them, the house-keeping staff will bring everything that ever may be required, inside a folded compartment the size of a penny. When the compartment is pressed, a laser catalogue appears, and when anything is selected, it drops directly into the hands of the cleaner. If it needs to be placed somewhere else, then the house-keeping will command so to the catalogue. At a time, there will be only one bottle of water in the cottage, which will automatically refill itself to the brim every two seconds in the case of evaporation. If someone is drinking it, it will refill itself to the brim every millisecond. If the water spills, all the people have to do is press the alarm (which is attached to a floating TV screen that follows them) which will call the housekeeping. The dog food bottle is the same. The only reason the dog bowl automatically doesn’t refill is because the couple like to feed dogs.

All day the couple spend outside playing sports and nearly killing themselves. However, whenever they are about the die, some staff member is supposed to come and save them. Unfortunately, when the couple were warming up to get dangerous by jumping of a 400 kilometre ravine onto a waterfall bigger than the Niagra wearing only a top and shorts, the lady got winded in the middle of it, and so pressed the button. She was then whisked away before she reached the bottom, but the man in charge of saving her was fired because she felt she was going to be winded, and she was “not ready for such dangerous injuries like being winded”.

To exit the house, one must use the backward slide, on which the person must sit on, and the mechanism will immediately begin, and they will be pulled up to the top of the house. They then have to slide down to the other side. All lights are activated by the couple thinking the command.

Reflection on unit question and aoi s
Reflection on Unit Question and AOI’s the How I Calculated Bearings page

Human Ingenuity

It is human intelligence that has decided how to find out the details of a product without having to actually building the entire thing; by making it to scale. This house helped us experiment with this ourselves, and deduce that a scaled down model can also include details and that it shows all the components of how the final product would look.

Approaches to Learning

Everyone learns in a different way, and I learn fast when I research. This activity has enabled me to do research on my own; not just going on the internet and reading someone else’s findings, but actually doing the findings myself.

Reflection on final product
Reflection on final product the How I Calculated Bearings page

I think that this project was done extremely well, since I collaborated well with my team mates, and everybody got the materials that they said they would. Everyone critically analyzed each problem and came up with a relevant solution for it. Also, one person didn’t end up doing the entire thing; everyone did their part properly with care and interest. They also accepted that they were wrong, or corrected others. We all worked well, and were open minded to each other’s ideas. For example, when I came up with my idea of the story (having rich people building this house, the roof, helicopter, etc.) they all listened carefully and thanked me for the story, instead of pointing out that it wasn’t possible and that it was total rubbish.

I think that for the level of my visual art, I did very well. The various parts do resemble what they will in real life, and the structure of the model is very solid. We used our Visual Arts and DT skills of structure and bases in Math, and we also used Science when we depicted what will happen if we placed something in a certain place. And of course, we used Maths to calculate everything. I think that this project was great, and look forward to more hands on research experiments in the future.