wp12 innovative rf technologies eucard 2 steering committee daresbury laboratory 12 13 dec 2013
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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 12 – 13 Dec 2013

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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 12 – 13 Dec 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 12 – 13 Dec 2013. Co-ordinators: Peter McIntosh (STFC Daresbury Laboratory) Wolf Dietrich-Moller (DESY) Juliette Plouin (CEA). WP12 Task Activities. Task 12.1 WP12 Management Peter McIntosh (STFC).

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wp12 innovative rf technologies eucard 2 steering committee daresbury laboratory 12 13 dec 2013

WP12: Innovative RF TechnologiesEUCARD-2 Steering CommitteeDaresbury Laboratory, 12 – 13 Dec 2013


Peter McIntosh (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

Wolf Dietrich-Moller (DESY)

Juliette Plouin (CEA)

wp12 task activities
WP12 Task Activities

Task 12.1

WP12 Management

Peter McIntosh (STFC)

Task 12.2

SRF Thin Films

Claire Antoine (CEA)

Task 12.3

High Gradient NC

Walter Wuensch (CERN)

Task 12.4

SRF HOM Beam Diagnostic

Roger Jones (Man. Univ.)

Task 12.5

RF Photocathodes

Robert Nietubyc (NCBJ)

wp12 milestones
WP12 Milestones

Task 12.2

Task 12.3

Task 12.4

Task 12.5

wp12 deliverables
WP12 Deliverables

Task 12.2

Task 12.3

Task 12.4

Task 12.5

task 12 1 management
Task 12.1 Management
  • Task Kick-off Meetings:
    • 12.2 Thin Films @ CERN on 14th June 2013.
    • 12.3 High Gradient NC by telecon on 30th May 2013:
      • http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=251925
    • 12.4 SRF HOM Diagnostics – same team transition from EUCARD.
    • 12.5 RF Photocathodes @ HZB Berlin on 12th July 2013:
      • https://espace.cern.ch/eucard2-intranet/WP12/12.5/default.aspx
  • Reviews scheduled/completed:
    • 12.2 Thin Films – Meetings held @ SRF2013, Paris in Sep 2013
    • 12.3 High Gradient NC – 4 Feb 2014 @ CLIC Workshop, CERN
    • 12.4 SRF HOM Diagnostics – To be arranged
    • 12.5 RF Photocathodes – To be arranged
    • WP12 Annual Review – Expected 1 Apr 2014, location TBD
task 12 2 thin films
Task 12.2 Thin Films

CEA Saclay

  • First set of experiments using refurbished magnetometer done up to 140 mT. Latest measurements presented at SRF2013.
    • Further improvements are foreseen (enable larger samples, new coil design).
  • Campaign to hire post doc started.

INP Grenoble

  • ALD deposition set-up designed and under fabrication (expected for Q1 2014).
  • Series of NbNsamples have been CVD deposited and undergoing characterization.
  • Difficulties in hiring PhD student (absence of funding), some delays expected.
task 12 2 thin films1
Task 12.2 Thin Films


  • Refurbishing of cavity production chain (surface treatments, etc.) in progress:
    • Vertical EP for copper cavities 1.3/1.5 GHz is now fully operational.
  • Two cavities have been HIPIMS coated:
    • Performance equivalent to the best cavities coated in the past by magnetron. (plot shown, unpublished).
    • Aiming for highest Q limit, to evaluate the real role of HIPIMS on cavity performance.
task 12 2 thin films2
Task 12.2 Thin Films

CERN (Cont’d)

  • Sample study also ongoing at Sheffield to study biased HIPIMS, in order to implement at CERN in the mid-term:
    • Delivery of a single cell copper 704 MHz beta 0.65 elliptical cavity for the study of the angle-of-incidence effect.
  • Nb3Sn activity not yet started: under discussion (internal production vs external collaboration).

HZB Berlin

  • Quadrupole resonator fabricated at Niowave, under surface preparation at Jlab:
    • Design studies were presented at SRF13 (PhD student).
  • Vertical test stand in production (not covered by EuCARD2, but required for the experiments), delivery Q1 2014.
  • Design of a new Helium supply system under way.
task 12 3 high gradient nc
Task 12.3 High Gradient NC



Organizing task 12.3 meeting to be held during the next CLIC workshop in Feb 2014.

University of Lancaster/STFC/CERN

Damped cavity design now complete, awaiting fabrication drawings.

Crab cavity construction in UK and at CERN almost complete.

Developing XBOX pulse compression optimisation scheme to be used to test crab cavities when available.

Two PDRA’s appointed, on cavity design and LLRF.


task 12 3 high gradient nc1
Task 12.3 High Gradient NC

WFM spectra with beam (insert: simulation)


  • All required WFM components delivered at PSI.
  • Currently doing lab testing and characterization:
    • Results presented at IBIC13.
  • Preliminary, non quantitative result: OK in terms of dynamic range and distortion.
  • Filled 30% position started Nov 1 at PSI.


  • Post-doc, candidate selected – start Apr 2014.
  • Internship, full funding in place, candidate selection next – expected start Apr 2014.
  • Phd proposal being prepared for Oct 2014 start.
task 12 3 high gradient nc2
Task 12.3 High Gradient NC

Uppsalla University

  • Awaiting funding decision in spring in order to optimize work-plan.

Manchester University

  • Massively parallel ACE3P simulations ongoing.:
    • Initial results encouraging.
  • CLIC_DDS_A requires attachment of couplers and tuning stubs so CLIC_DDS_A
    • Fully bonded single cavity almost complete (confirmed measurements within 5 MHz).
  • Further work on the impact of the interleaved wakefields on misalignments.
task 12 4 srf hom diagnostics
Task 12.4 SRF HOM Diagnostics


  • 12.4.1 N. Baboi, L. Shi (Ph.D. Student)
  • 12.4.2 R.M. Jones, P. Jain (P.D.R.A.)
  • 12.4.3 U. Van Rienen, T. Flisgen (Ph.D. student)

Overall Status:

  • Conducted initial simulations of cavity eigenmodes (using CST, HFSS and custom codes):
    • Creation of reduced order models of complex and long accelerator structures.
    • Computation of RF properties of complex structure using a compact model (R/Q, external Q‘s of multi-cavity-modes and scattering parameters).
    • Investigating modes suitable for diagnostic purposes.
  • Beam-based measurements in progress at FLASH.
task 12 4 srf hom diagnostics1
Task 12.4 SRF HOM Diagnostics

Fig: resonator chain with 3.9 GHz cavities in the FLASH modul ACC39. Taken from E. Vogel et al.,

TUP034 LINAC08, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2008

  • Finalising PRSTAB Paper on, ‘Rigorous Comparison Between Measured and Simulated S-Parameters for FLASH’s Module ACC39’.
  • PRSTAB reviewers suggested acceptance after some revisions:
    • which are anticipated to be finished soon.
task 12 5 rf photocathodes
Task 12.5 RF Photocathodes

Nb (uncoated)

<1µm roughness

Pb (coated)

>1µm roughness

  • NCBJ
    • Post deposition refinement of Pb/Nb surface, evaluating arc deposition parameters.
    • Rod Plasma Injector (RPI) process using 1.5 J/cm2 pulses defined a process using 4 pulses of 3 J/cm2
task 12 5 rf photocathodes1
Task 12.5 RF Photocathodes



  • DESY and HZDR
    • Preparation of Pb/Nb photo-cathode plugs for first cavity tests at both DESY and HZDR:
      • Jan 14 at DESY.
      • Apr/May 14 at HZDR.
task 12 5 rf photocathodes2
Task 12.5 RF Photocathodes

Courtesy: R. Barday


10 mm

view screen


  • Test dark current emission from substrates and cathode films under high electric DC fields:
    • DC-setup for field emission study.
    • Current measurement and imaging of field emitter sites.
    • Device under construction at company.
    • Set of Diamond Field Emitter Array (DFEA) cathodes from B. Choi, U Vanderbildt.
    • Start tests early 2014 with substrates and DFEA cathodes.
task 12 5 rf photocathodes3
Task 12.5 RF Photocathodes


Milestone (MS73):

Commissioning Report – In progress and on schedule!


  • STFC
    • Photocathode Surface Analysis and Preparation Installation (SAPI) completed:
      • New Kelvin probe for measuring work function successfully commissioned.
      • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and X-ray Photo-electron Spectroscopy processes (XPS) verified.


summary i
Summary I
  • Task 12.1 Management
    • Task kick-off meetings occurred and follow-on reviews being prepared.
  • Task 12.2 SRF Thin Films
    • First magnetometer measurements taken at CEA Saclay.
    • First NbN samples CVD deposited at INP.
    • Cavities HIPIMS coated at CERN with good results – pushing further!
    • 704 MHz cavity available at CERN to refine HIPIMS process.
    • Quadrupole cavity fabricated, surface preparation underway for HZB.
  • Task 12.3 High Gradient NC
    • Fabrication of 2 crab cavities almost complete by UK industry and CERN.
    • All WFM hardware available and undergoing tests at PSI.
    • DDS cavity bonded and test results being analysed by UMAN, but look promising.
    • Massively parallel cavity string simulation model developed by UMAN.
    • First Milestone (MS74) report expected from PSI by M12 on Front End Design.
summary ii
Summary II

Very good progress in all Tasks so far!

  • Task 12.4 SRF HOM Diagnostics
    • Complex scattering parameter simulation model developed.
    • Beam-based HOM measurements on-going on FLASH.
  • Task 12.5 RF Photocathodes
    • Plasma deposition process refined and Pb/Nb photo-cathodes prepared by NCBJ.
    • Cavity tests expected over the next few weeks at HZDR and DESY.
    • Field emission system developed and being fabricated by HZB.
    • Tests with first DAC expected early 2014 @ HZB.
    • Surface analysis and preparation system completed at STFC.
    • Milestone (MS73) report being prepared.
  • Number of Post-doc and Phd students recruited, but still require:
    • Task 12.2 Thin Films:
      • Post-doc needed @ CEA
      • Phd student needed @ INP
    • Task 12.3 High Gradient NC:
      • Phd student needed @ CEA (Oct 2014)
wp12 website
WP12 Website

WP12 website can be found here: http://www.cockcroft.ac.uk/events/WP12/